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Did Kate Middleton Meet Princess Diana?



The final episodes of Netflix’s acclaimed royal drama series, The Crown, introduce viewers to one of the show’s most highly anticipated characters, Kate Middleton. Portrayed by actress Meg Bellamy, Kate is introduced as Prince William’s (Ed McVey) love interest, with their story depicting their initial meeting during their university days at St. Andrew’s in Scotland, where they were both enrolled in an art history course in 2001.

While their college romance serves as the primary on-screen storyline, the audience is first introduced to Kate through a flashback scene set in 1996, showcasing a teenage Kate Christmas shopping with her mother, Carole Middleton (Eve Best). In a pivotal moment, Kate and Carole are shown encountering William and Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) on a London street, a year before the princess’s tragic death.

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The focal point of this discussion is a poignant scene from a dramatized portrayal, where Prince William and his late mother, Princess Diana, are depicted selling copies of The Big Issue, a magazine dedicated to raising funds for the homeless community in Britain. In this fictionalized encounter, Kate Middleton, the future Duchess of Cambridge, is encouraged by her mother to purchase a copy from the prince himself.

The scene unfolds with a touching exchange, as Diana inquires about Kate’s name and prompts her son to express gratitude, foreshadowing the eventual union between William and Kate. This heartwarming moment not only captures the infatuation of a young Kate towards her future husband but also poignantly alludes to the profound impact that Diana’s tragic passing would have on William’s life mere months later.

However, the central question that arises is whether this depicted encounter between Kate Middleton and Princess Diana holds any factual basis or is purely a creative embellishment. Newsweek delves into this inquiry, examining the available evidence to determine if the two iconic figures ever crossed paths in reality before Diana’s untimely demise.

The relationship between Kate Middleton and the late Princess Diana has been a topic of interest for many. According to Kate’s own account, she never had the opportunity to meet Diana in person. This is understandable, as Kate and Prince William first met in 2001 while studying at university, four years after Diana’s tragic passing in a car accident in 1997.

In April 2023, more than a decade after marrying William, Kate made a rare public comment about Diana. She reflected on the fact that they were unable to meet and also acknowledged her role as the custodian of Diana’s famous sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

The ring, originally given to Diana by Prince Charles in 1981 and worn by her even after their divorce in 1996, was inherited by Princes William and Harry. William later used the same ring to propose to Kate during a Kenyan vacation in 2010.

Kate expressed her appreciation for the ring’s significance, stating, “It’s the same ring [as Diana’s], and it’s exactly the same size as when I tried it on, yeah. So it’s very, very special.” She also acknowledged the honor of being able to continue wearing the iconic piece, saying, “It’s an honor to be able to carry on wearing it.”

When asked about Diana, Kate expressed her sadness at never having met her, saying, “I never, sadly, got to meet her…I never met her, no, sadly.” She also acknowledged Diana’s role as a grandmother, stating, “Obviously now with the children—her grandchildren—her being a grandmother…she’d be brilliant. You know, we miss her every day and that’s what’s important.”

Kate’s comments shed light on her respect and admiration for Diana, despite never having the chance to meet her in person. The iconic engagement ring serves as a tangible connection to Diana’s legacy, which Kate carries forward with grace and appreciation.

The interview excerpt highlights Kate Middleton’s admiration for Princess Diana and her recognition of Diana’s iconic status. When asked about the potential pressure of following in Diana’s footsteps, Kate acknowledged Diana as an inspirational figure to look up to. However, Prince William swiftly clarified that there was no pressure on Kate to emulate his late mother, emphasizing the importance of carving one’s own path and future. The exchange underscores Kate’s respect for Diana’s legacy while also highlighting the couple’s determination to forge their own unique identities and roles within the royal family.

The Crown, the acclaimed Netflix series, delves into the life of Kate Middleton, the future Queen Consort, in its latest season. Apart from depicting her imagined meeting with Princess Diana, the show recreates several documented moments from the early stages of Kate’s relationship with Prince William.

One such pivotal moment is a student fashion show where Kate confidently walked the runway in a daring sheer dress, an event that is widely believed to have sparked William’s romantic interest in his classmate. The Crown’s casting director, Robert Sterne, emphasized the significance of finding the right actress to portray Kate, describing it as a “big deal” for the production.

Sterne explained that the portrayal of Kate needed to capture her youth, grace, and ability to handle immense pressure with poise, as well as the sense that William had found his soulmate upon meeting her. After an extensive six-month search, newcomer Meg Bellamy was cast in the role, having responded to a social media post by the production team.

The inclusion of Kate Middleton’s story in The Crown aims to provide an informative and authentic glimpse into the life of the future Queen Consort, highlighting her journey from a university student to a member of the British Royal Family.

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