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How Prince William Makes Money



The question of Prince William’s personal wealth is an intriguing one, given his status as a legitimate prince and the future King of England. While the British Royal Family collectively holds an estimated $28 billion (AU$41.7 billion) in assets, including the Crown Estate, various palaces, crown-owned land, the Duchy of Cornwall, the Duchy of Lancaster, and the Crown Estate Scotland, Prince William also possesses a substantial personal fortune.

According to reports, William’s wealth stems from several sources. The Duchy of Cornwall, a private estate established in 1337, generates an annual income for the Prince of Wales, which currently falls to William. Additionally, he likely received inheritance from his mother, Princess Diana, and great-grandmother, the Queen Mother. Furthermore, his marriage to Kate Middleton, who comes from a wealthy family, may have contributed to his personal wealth.

It is important to note that the exact figure of Prince William’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, as the Royal Family’s finances are largely kept private. However, estimates suggest that his personal fortune could be in the millions, making him one of the wealthier members of the Royal Family, even before inheriting the Crown Estate and other assets upon becoming King.

Inheritance plays a significant role in William’s personal wealth. It is widely believed that a substantial portion of his fortune comes from inherited assets.

One notable inheritance is from his great-grandmother, the Queen Mother, who reportedly left the majority of her estimated £70 million (AU$129 million) estate to her great-grandchildren. According to reports from the BBC in 2002, Princes William and Harry were expected to share around £14 million (AU$25.8 million) from her estate, with Harry receiving a larger share.

Additionally, William inherited approximately £10 million (AU$18.4 million) from his mother, Princess Diana, upon turning 30 in 2012, as reported by the Telegraph. Furthermore, Forbes states that both William and Harry began receiving yearly dividends estimated at $450,000 each, starting from the age of 25.

These inherited assets, originating from the wealth of his great-grandmother and mother, have contributed significantly to William’s personal financial resources.

Military Earnings:

From 2006 to 2013, Prince William served in the military, being involved with both the Household Cavalry in the Blues and Royals regiment and the RAF Search and Rescue Force. According to Forbes, his salary for the latter role was estimated to be between US$68,000 and US$74,000 (approximately AU$101,000 to AU$110,000).

After his military service, William worked as a helicopter pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance, where he reportedly donated his entire annual salary of US$62,000 (approximately AU$92,000) to charity.

Following his father’s ascension to the throne, a significant portion of Prince William’s wealth will come from The Duchy of Cornwall. The Duchy is a private fund established by Edward III in 1337, designed to provide financial independence to the heir apparent. It has been passed down through the royal family over generations.

The Duchy of Cornwall is essentially a portfolio of land and investments from which income is generated. While the heir cannot sell the Duchy’s assets for personal gain, they receive the annual income generated from these assets.

Forbes estimates that The Duchy generated approximately AU$40 million in revenue in 2022 alone. When King Charles III ascended the throne, the Duchy was passed on to Prince William, the new Prince of Wales.

Prince William’s net worth is a topic of interest, given his status as a member of the British royal family. In 2022, his personal net worth was estimated to be around $40 million, according to Money. However, this figure does not include the value of the Duchy portfolio, which is a vast estate and investment portfolio that has been valued at approximately £1 billion. It’s important to note that the Royal Family tends to keep their financial details relatively private, so Prince William’s precise and accurate net worth may never be publicly disclosed. Nonetheless, the available estimates suggest that he possesses substantial wealth, both from his personal assets and the inherited Duchy portfolio.

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