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Kate Middleton disproves major Prince Harry claim



The term “royal bride” typically evokes the image of a woman from an aristocratic background with a long lineage. However, Prince William defied this expectation when he married Kate Middleton, a middle-class university graduate, in 2011. This marked Kate’s transition from a regular at her local convenience store to a future Queen.

While Kate’s background may seem at odds with traditional royal norms, her actions as a member of the royal family suggest that she has not simply conformed to a predetermined “mold.” Prince Harry implied in his Netflix documentary that Kate’s marriage was a pragmatic choice rather than a matter of true love, suggesting that William chose someone who “fit the mold” rather than following his heart.

However, Kate’s behavior challenges this notion. She has prioritized her health and family over royal duties, taking an extended absence from public engagements to focus on her recovery. This defies the traditional expectation that royal duties should take precedence over personal matters.

Furthermore, Kate and William have shifted away from the conventional royal approach of merely lending their presence to charitable causes. Instead, they have actively worked to create their own initiatives, such as the Princess’s Early Years Foundation, the Prince’s Earthshot Prize, and the Homewards homelessness project.

Kate has also made efforts to ensure her children have a grounded upbringing, moving to a more modest residence and sending them to a co-ed day school, in contrast to the privileged boarding school experiences of William and Harry.

While Kate may outwardly conform to certain royal traditions, she has consistently demonstrated a willingness to forge her own path and prioritize her values and family’s well-being. Her actions suggest that she has not simply “fit the mold” but has actively shaped her role as a royal in a way that aligns with her principles and priorities.

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