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Kate Middleton made unfortunate gaffe on ‘awkward’ first date with Prince William



During their time at St Andrews University, Kate Middleton and Prince William experienced an awkward moment on their first date. They initially met as friends, living in the same dorms during their first year and later moving into a shared house. When William tried to impress Kate with fancy dinners, his efforts often ended in culinary mishaps, with Kate stepping in to help.

Kate’s first meeting with William made her blush, and William immediately felt there was something special about her. During their first official date, Kate attempted to lighten the mood with a joke by curtsying to William, but the playful gesture backfired, causing her to trip and make William spill his drink. Despite this awkward start, their relationship blossomed, leading to William proposing in 2010. Kate, during their engagement interview, expressed her commitment to learning and adapting to royal life, a sentiment William wholeheartedly endorsed.

They married in 2011 in a grand ceremony at Westminster Abbey and now have three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Over the years, their bond has grown stronger, with the couple taking on the roles of Prince and Princess of Wales following King Charles’s ascension to the throne. A palace source revealed that William and Kate’s relationship has deepened over time, emphasizing their mutual support and family-first approach.

William, who initially found public displays of affection awkward, has become more relaxed, thanks to Kate’s influence. They both frequently express their admiration for each other, with William often acknowledging he couldn’t fulfill his royal duties without Kate’s support, a sentiment she reciprocates. Their story from a nervous first date to becoming pillars of the royal family illustrates their enduring partnership and the strength of their relationship.

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