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Kate ‘should not’ accept olive branch from Meghan as Sussexes reach out – poll results



In recent developments within the British royal family, the attempt by Meghan Markle to extend an olive branch to Kate Middleton has stirred significant public interest and debate. Reports indicate Meghan’s earnest desire to reconcile with Kate, fueled by a perceived readiness to move past their longstanding feud. This gesture coincided with Kate’s high-profile return to public engagements at Trooping the Colour, marking a potentially pivotal moment in their strained relationship.

Sources close to Meghan suggest she is motivated by a genuine wish to be seen as taking the higher ground in resolving their differences. They portray Meghan as empathetic towards Kate’s position, acknowledging the challenges and emotional toll of their rift. The sentiment is that ending the feud would not only benefit their personal relationship but also enhance Meghan’s public image, possibly positioning her as a peacemaker within the royal family.

However, responses from Mirror readers, as gathered through a poll, reveal a stark contrast to Meghan’s aspirations. An overwhelming 80% of respondents expressed skepticism and outright opposition to the idea of Meghan and Kate reconciling. Among nearly 4,851 participants, 3,866 voiced their reluctance to see any restoration of relations between the two duchesses. The sentiment reflects deep-seated reservations and a lingering distrust towards Meghan, underscored by past events and public statements.

Commentary from readers articulates a range of concerns and objections. Many perceive Meghan’s outreach as insincere, viewing it as a calculated move to manipulate public perception rather than a genuine effort to mend fences. They point to ongoing tensions exacerbated by media appearances and public disclosures, particularly highlighting Meghan and Prince Harry’s candid revelations about their struggles within the royal family.

Some readers argue that for reconciliation to be considered, Meghan must publicly apologize for her past criticisms of the royal family. They emphasize the importance of accountability and transparency, suggesting that any attempt to reconcile without addressing these issues would lack sincerity and credibility.

Moreover, there is a prevailing sentiment among readers that trust between Meghan and the royal family, especially Kate and Prince William, has been irreparably damaged. They cite a pattern of behavior and public statements that have eroded confidence and goodwill, making reconciliation seem improbable without significant gestures of contrition and change.

Despite the overwhelming skepticism, a minority—14% of poll respondents—expressed openness to the possibility of Meghan and Kate moving past their differences. They advocate for forgiveness and reconciliation, suggesting that healing the rift could benefit both the individuals involved and the royal family’s public image as a whole. Some argue that a resolution would demonstrate unity and maturity within the family, potentially mitigating ongoing public scrutiny and criticism.

Beyond the specific feud between Meghan and Kate, the poll results also reflect broader criticisms of the royal institution itself. Some readers believe that the royal family owes Meghan and Harry apologies for their treatment, contrasting Meghan’s perceived exclusion with the warmer reception Kate received upon joining the family.

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