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King Charles faces ‘huge problem’ if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make UK comeback



King Charles faces a significant challenge should Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decide to return to the UK. Since their departure from royal duties in 2020 and their move to Montecito, California, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been at the center of numerous controversies, including their Netflix series and Harry’s memoir, “Spare.” These projects have contributed to their low popularity in the UK, with only Prince Andrew ranking lower among royals.

Royal correspondent Cameron Walker highlighted the dilemma King Charles would face if the Sussexes were to reintegrate into the royal fold. Public opinion is a crucial factor, and the British taxpayer’s willingness to finance their return, covering security and other expenses, remains doubtful. Walker explained on GB News’ “Royal Recount” podcast that the Sussexes consistently poll near the bottom of the popularity charts among royals, slightly above Prince Andrew. This sentiment reflects the public’s reluctance to accept their return to official duties, mainly due to the financial implications.

Polls reveal that Prince Harry is currently the tenth most popular royal, with a 34 percent approval rating, while Meghan Markle has a 26 percent approval rating, placing her just above Prince Andrew, who has only a 9 percent approval rating. This illustrates the Sussexes’ relatively low standing within the royal family in the eyes of the British public.

King Charles also contends with a reduced royal workforce, as Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, undergoes treatment for an undisclosed form of cancer. Both Kate and King Charles are dealing with health challenges, resulting in a diminished ability to manage royal duties. This situation adds pressure to the royal family, already stretched thin, making the potential return of Harry and Meghan even more complex.

Despite the diminished workload and fewer available working royals, there is little indication that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are considering a permanent move back to the UK. Their visits to the UK have been brief and surrounded by speculation, but a full-time return seems unlikely given the current circumstances and their established life in California.

The departure of the Sussexes in 2020 followed a protracted period of rumored rifts within the royal family. Their move across the Atlantic was intended to carve out a new path independent of the traditional royal framework. However, their ongoing public visibility through media projects keeps them in the spotlight, occasionally reigniting discussions about their potential return to royal duties.

The financial aspect of their potential return is a critical concern. Public funding for royal activities includes security, travel, and staffing expenses, which are subject to scrutiny by taxpayers. Given the current economic climate and public sentiment, reintroducing Harry and Meghan to the official royal roster could face significant opposition.

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