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Meghan Markle receives traditional ‘title’ as she declares Nigeria as her ‘home’



During a recent visit to Nigeria, Meghan Markle was honored with a traditional Yoruba name, ‘Adetokunbo,’ bestowed by the Olowo of Owo, a Yoruba monarch.

The name translates to “the crown returns from over the sea,” signifying Meghan’s connection to Nigeria and her African heritage. This gesture highlights the cultural appreciation and symbolic return of Meghan to her ancestral roots.

Meghan’s visit to Nigeria was part of a broader effort to explore and embrace her heritage. In a heartfelt letter, she expressed profound gratitude for the honor and referred to Nigeria as her “home,” underscoring the personal significance of the trip. This acknowledgment of her Nigerian ancestry marks a poignant moment in Meghan’s journey of self-discovery and cultural connection.

The title given to Meghan has sparked a range of reactions. Many have praised her for embracing Nigerian culture and showing respect for its traditions. This appreciation of her heritage is seen as a positive step in bridging cultural gaps and fostering mutual respect and understanding. It also resonates with many individuals who share similar mixed heritage backgrounds, as it underscores the importance of acknowledging and celebrating one’s diverse roots.

However, not all reactions have been entirely positive. Some skeptics view Meghan’s reception of the title with a degree of caution, questioning the motives behind such gestures. Critics argue that such actions might be perceived as superficial or symbolic without deeper engagement with the cultural and social contexts of the region. Nonetheless, the gesture of bestowing a traditional title upon Meghan highlights the complexities and sensitivities involved in cross-cultural interactions and the recognition of heritage.

Meghan’s recognition by a Nigerian monarch also aligns with her broader advocacy work and public persona. Known for her commitment to social justice, equality, and cultural awareness, this event adds another layer to her efforts in promoting inclusivity and diversity. By publicly acknowledging her Nigerian heritage and accepting the traditional title, Meghan continues to leverage her platform to bring attention to cultural identity and the significance of heritage.

Moreover, this event has implications for the perception of the British royal family, of which Meghan is a member through her marriage to Prince Harry. Her embrace of Nigerian culture and the warm reception she received may serve to enhance the royal family’s image in regions outside the traditional Commonwealth territories. It illustrates a more global and inclusive approach to royalty, where cultural appreciation and connection play a vital role.

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