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Meghan’s brand ’embarrassment’ could have been avoided after name is already in use



Meghan Markle’s latest endeavor, a lifestyle brand named American Riviera Orchard, has hit a snag due to an embarrassing oversight: the brand name is already in use by another business selling adult coloring books on Shopify.

This significant blunder, pointed out by PR expert Jane Owen, underscores the necessity of securing legal rights to a brand name before launching it publicly. Owen suggests Meghan’s team should have conducted a more thorough search and secured the name legally to avoid such confusion and potential damage to the brand’s reputation.

The brand, launched in March, aims to sell preserves, jams, nut butters, and various home products. However, the existence of a similarly named brand on Shopify has caused complications, as the other business has a distinct anti-monarchy stance, which could harm Meghan’s brand image. This other business uses the name American Riviera Orchard for its products, creating potential brand confusion among consumers.

Owen advises that Meghan’s team should immediately seek legal action to secure the brand name and undertake a robust marketing campaign to clarify the brand’s identity and rectify the situation. Legal action could help Meghan reclaim the brand name, while a strong marketing effort would reinforce the brand’s presence and distinguish it from the unrelated Shopify seller.

This incident highlights a critical misstep in Meghan’s post-royal business strategy. Proper brand management involves not only creative and marketing efforts but also securing legal rights to avoid such conflicts. The lack of these precautions can lead to public embarrassment and potential financial and reputational damage.

Moreover, the Shopify page’s content, which subtly critiques the concept of royalty and celebrates the working class, adds another layer of complexity. This narrative could undermine Meghan’s brand by associating it with anti-monarchy sentiments, contrary to the image she might want to project.

The situation reflects broader challenges faced by Meghan and Prince Harry in their ventures outside the royal framework. Their projects, ranging from media deals to various business endeavors, have often been scrutinized and critiqued, highlighting the importance of meticulous planning and legal safeguards.

In the realm of business and public life, ensuring the integrity and distinctiveness of a brand is paramount. High-profile figures like Meghan Markle must navigate these waters carefully, as their actions are subject to intense public and media scrutiny. This incident serves as a lesson in the importance of comprehensive brand strategy, including legal precautions to protect a brand’s identity and market presence.

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