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Prince George’s birthday treat that Diana started but William struggles with



Prince George, like any other child, enjoys birthday celebrations, and one tradition involves a playful nod to his late grandmother, Princess Diana. Princess Kate and Prince William strive to make their children’s birthdays memorable, with Kate often staying up late to bake cakes. However, a particular tradition that William struggles with is giving George complex, noisy toys, a practice started by Diana’s close friend, Julia Samuel. This tradition, meant to amuse the children and remind them of Diana’s fun spirit, involves intricate toys that take time to assemble, much to William’s chagrin.

Julia Samuel, who is also one of George’s godparents, spoke about this tradition in a 2020 podcast episode commemorating what would have been Diana’s 59th birthday. She humorously recounted how Diana would gift her friends’ children with toys that were challenging to put together, ensuring hours of noisy fun. Julia has continued this tradition with George, gifting him similar toys that light up and make sounds, much to George’s delight and William’s mild exasperation as he spends days assembling them.

William has emphasized the importance of keeping Diana’s memory alive for his children. In the 2017 ITV documentary “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy,” he shared how he ensures George, Charlotte, and Louis know about their grandmother. He mentioned placing more photos of Diana around their home and sharing stories about her, especially at bedtime. Although Kate never met Diana, William takes on the role of narrating Diana’s life and character to their children, ensuring they feel connected to her.

William humorously imagined Diana as a grandmother, speculating she would have been a lively presence, causing a playful mess and enjoying every moment with her grandchildren. He reflected on how Diana’s parenting style, filled with love and playfulness, influences how he and Kate raise their children. He noted the significance of the early years in a child’s development and expressed a desire to be as present and involved as possible, a value instilled in him by Diana.

Kate’s dedication to making birthdays special, including her efforts to bake cakes herself, complements this family tradition of celebrating with meaningful gestures. These practices help maintain a connection to Diana’s legacy, blending joyous remembrance with current celebrations.

Prince George’s birthday treats, particularly the tradition of receiving complex, noisy toys, encapsulate the blend of humor, love, and remembrance that defines his family’s approach to honoring Diana’s memory. This tradition not only keeps Diana’s spirit alive but also creates new, cherished memories for the young prince. The involvement of close family friends like Julia Samuel further strengthens these bonds, adding layers of personal history and affection to the royal family’s celebrations.

The continuity of such traditions highlights the enduring impact of Diana’s personality and parenting philosophy on her sons and their families. By weaving stories and practices from the past into present-day festivities, William and Kate provide their children with a rich, emotionally connected upbringing. This approach ensures that Diana’s influence remains a tangible, positive force in their lives, fostering a sense of continuity and familial love.

Ultimately, these birthday traditions underscore a broader commitment to family values and the importance of remembering loved ones. They reflect how personal history and cherished memories can be honored and integrated into everyday life, creating a tapestry of experiences that connect generations. Through these heartfelt practices, William and Kate demonstrate how love and memory can coexist, enriching their children’s lives with stories of the past while building a joyful present.

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