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Prince Harry clears way for Prince William to perform major role as he bows out



Prince Harry has decided not to attend the wedding of Hugh Grosvenor, the 7th Duke of Westminster, in what has been dubbed the ‘society wedding of the year.’ This move clears the way for Prince William to perform the role of usher at the event, ensuring there will be no potential for awkwardness due to family tensions between the brothers.

Harry and the Duke of Westminster are known to be friends, and Harry’s decision to bow out is reportedly an amicable one aimed at keeping the focus on the wedding itself rather than the family drama. This gesture by Harry avoids diverting media attention and public scrutiny onto the relationship between him and his brother William.

The wedding of Hugh Grosvenor is expected to attract significant media coverage and high-profile guests, making it a major event in the social calendar. By not attending, Harry also sidesteps potentially uncomfortable interactions with other family members he may not be on good terms with, thereby maintaining a more harmonious atmosphere for the occasion.

Prince William, on the other hand, will take on a significant role in the ceremony. His participation as an usher highlights his close relationship with the Duke of Westminster and his standing within the social circles of the British aristocracy. William’s presence is anticipated to be well-received, given his status and the respect he commands.

This decision by Harry reflects his ongoing effort to manage his public image and personal relationships following his departure from royal duties. It underscores his and Meghan’s intention to maintain a degree of separation from royal events and traditional roles, focusing instead on their new life and endeavors in the United States.

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