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Prince Harry ‘thrown out by William after explosive Meghan Markle showdown’



The relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William has significantly deteriorated over recent years, with a major incident reportedly occurring due to accusations against Meghan Markle. According to historian Robert Lacey’s book “Battle of Brothers,” an intense argument erupted after William learned of a “dossier” alleging that Meghan bullied staff, causing considerable distress.

William was outraged by these claims, prompting him to confront Harry. The confrontation reportedly led to Harry being thrown out of the royal household. These allegations included instances where Meghan allegedly mistreated staff, leading to severe psychological impacts. The dossier was compiled by Jason Knauf, their joint communications secretary, who felt compelled to act after witnessing the behavior.

The dispute escalated with a heated phone call between the brothers, ending with Harry hanging up. William, determined to address the issue in person, sought out Harry, leading to a fierce confrontation. Harry was hurt by his brother’s readiness to believe the allegations, while William was appalled by the accusations and felt justified in his earlier concerns about Meghan.

William’s reaction was to instruct his private secretary, Simon Case, to begin the process of separating their households. This decision marked a significant shift, ending their joint operations at Kensington Palace and leading to Harry and Meghan’s relocation to Windsor. The couple later stepped down from their royal duties entirely.

The allegations against Meghan, which she and Harry have vehemently denied as a smear campaign, included claims that she bullied two personal assistants out of their jobs and created a toxic environment. Meghan’s defenders argue that these accusations are part of a larger effort to undermine her reputation.

William’s decision to separate from Harry was influenced by his deep respect and responsibility for the staff, whom he regarded as colleagues to be cherished. The situation was further complicated by Harry’s assertion during their confrontation that someone within the royal circle was racist, although he did not specify who.

The fallout from this incident has had lasting implications for the royal family, contributing to the brothers’ estrangement. Despite their previous close relationship and decade-long collaboration at Kensington Palace, this conflict has driven a significant wedge between them, culminating in Harry and Meghan’s departure from royal life.

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