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Prince Harry was convinced about Diana’s last wish – but fears he got it wrong



Prince Harry has revealed his deep struggle with the grief following the death of his mother, Princess Diana, in a candid interview marking his role as a global ambassador for Scotty’s Little Soldiers, a charity supporting children who have lost parents in the military. He discussed how he convinced himself that staying sad was a way to honor her memory, but later realized that celebrating her life could make coping easier. This conversation underscores the significant impact of Diana’s death on Harry’s mental health and his ongoing efforts to support bereaved children.

Reflecting on his own experience, Harry noted that for nearly two decades, he suppressed his emotions regarding his mother’s death, which led to significant turmoil in his life. It wasn’t until he sought help after “two years of total chaos” that he began to address his grief. His interaction with Scotty’s Little Soldiers, including a session with 50 children and discussions with young members of Scotty’s Council, emphasized his belief that grief cannot be ignored indefinitely and must be processed for personal healing.

Harry’s involvement with the charity is deeply personal. He commended Nikki Scott, the founder of Scotty’s Little Soldiers, who started the organization after her husband, Cpl Lee Scott, was killed in Afghanistan. Harry expressed admiration for her work and emphasized his commitment to raising awareness and funds to support children facing similar losses.

The interview, released ahead of Armed Forces Day, highlights Harry’s dedication to carrying forward his mother’s legacy of compassion and advocacy for those in need. He reflected on the importance of celebrating the lives of lost loved ones rather than dwelling solely on the sadness of their passing. This shift in perspective is something Harry has adopted in his personal journey and now seeks to impart to others dealing with bereavement.

Harry also shared how he is trying to impart these lessons to his own children, emphasizing the importance of open conversations about loss and grief. His efforts to integrate these discussions into his family’s life reflect his commitment to breaking the cycle of suppressed emotions and promoting mental health awareness.

The Prince’s ongoing involvement with Scotty’s Little Soldiers and similar organizations demonstrates his dedication to providing support and resources for bereaved children. He aims to use his platform to advocate for better understanding and management of grief, particularly among young people.

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