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Prince William and Kate devastated over ‘traumatic’ death of Thomas Kingston



The recent passing of Thomas Kingston, husband of Lady Gabriella, has been described as a particularly distressing event for Prince William and Kate Middleton. According to reports, Thomas Kingston, aged 45, tragically died on Sunday, February 25, due to a “traumatic head wound” while at his parents’ home in the Cotswolds. This sudden and unexpected loss has deeply impacted the Royal Family.

Jennie Bond, a former BBC Royal correspondent, has stated that this tragic news would have particularly affected William and Kate, as they are of the same generation as Thomas and Lady Gabriella. Bond explained that Thomas was well-liked within Royal circles and had known many of the younger royals for years. He was also a friend of Pippa Middleton and attended her wedding with Lady Gabriella.

It is expected that Prince William and Kate Middleton will be present to support Lady Gabriella during this difficult time, as they navigate the grief of losing her husband at such a young age.

The tragic incident unfolded when Tom Kingston, a close friend of Prince William and Catherine, was found deceased at his parents’ £3 million mansion in the Cotswolds shortly after having lunch with them. Royal correspondent Jennie shed light on the situation, stating, “I’m sure this was particularly upsetting news for Prince William and Catherine. Tom was very much part of their generation.” She further added, “Coming on top of Catherine’s health problems and the King’s cancer diagnosis, Tom’s death must have been a real blow. I’m sure William and Catherine will do what they can to ease Ella’s grief.” The Gloucestershire Coroner’s Court confirmed that Mr. Kingston died from a “traumatic head wound,” and a gun was discovered near his body in an outbuilding at his parents’ home.

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The senior coroner, Katy Skerrett, provided a detailed account of the tragic incident involving Mr. Thomas Henry Robin Kingston. She outlined the sequence of events on February 25, 2024, when Mr. Kingston was visiting his parents’ home in the Cotswolds. After having lunch with his parents, his father went out to walk the dogs. Upon his return, Mr. Kingston was not in the house, and after approximately 30 minutes, his mother went to look for him. His father forced entry into a locked outbuilding and found Mr. Kingston deceased with a catastrophic head injury, and a gun was present at the scene. Emergency services were called, and the police determined that the death was not suspicious.

The coroner stated that a post-mortem examination was conducted by Dr. Jones, a consultant histopathologist, who provided a provisional cause of death as a traumatic wound to the head. Having satisfied the identification requirements, the initial cause of death, and the brief circumstances surrounding Mr. Kingston’s death, the coroner formally opened the inquest. However, the inquest was adjourned to a date yet to be fixed.

In her formal statement, Ms. Skerrett confirmed that she had received written evidence of identification and the brief circumstances surrounding the tragic incident, complying with Rule 23 of the Coroner’s Rules 2013. She affirmed that the deceased was indeed Thomas Henry Robin Kingston, aged 45, whose home address was in London.

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