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Prince William ‘more upset than he admits’ over Prince Harry feud – but won’t back down



Prince William is reportedly deeply troubled by the ongoing rift with his brother, Prince Harry, but feels constrained by his duties and responsibilities, which prevent him from showing the extent of his distress publicly. Royal expert Ingrid Seward notes that William’s personality and upbringing, which emphasize duty and perseverance, have led him to cut off relations with Harry to avoid further emotional turmoil.

The schism between the two princes, exacerbated by Harry’s tell-all memoir “Spare” and various public statements, has created a seemingly insurmountable divide. Harry’s criticisms of the royal family and the personal nature of his revelations have been particularly hurtful to William. Despite his hurt feelings, William has chosen to remain focused on his royal responsibilities and his family with Kate Middleton, rather than engaging in public disputes or attempting reconciliation.

Ingrid Seward suggests that William’s approach is influenced by the pressures and expectations placed on him as the future king. He cannot afford to appear weak or overly emotional, as the public and the institution he represents demand a certain level of stoicism and dedication to duty. This has led William to adopt a more pragmatic stance, prioritizing his role and responsibilities over personal grievances.

The strain in their relationship is further complicated by differing perspectives and priorities. While Harry has sought to carve out an independent path and has been vocal about his grievances with the royal family, William has remained committed to his traditional role within the institution. This fundamental difference in outlook and approach has made it challenging for the brothers to find common ground.

Despite the public facade of calm and resilience, those close to William report that he is deeply affected by the estrangement from his brother. The pain of the fractured relationship is compounded by memories of their close bond growing up and the shared experiences they had as young royals. The emotional toll of the feud is significant, but William is determined to uphold his duties and protect the monarchy’s image.

This situation underscores the complex dynamics at play within the royal family, where personal feelings often take a backseat to public duty and institutional expectations. The future of William and Harry’s relationship remains uncertain, as both brothers navigate their respective paths with the weight of their roles and responsibilities shaping their choices.

The hope for reconciliation remains, but it is clear that significant healing and understanding would be required to bridge the gap between them. Until then, William appears resigned to the current state of affairs, focusing on his immediate family and his responsibilities as a senior royal.

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