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Prince William thought ‘outsider’ Meghan Markle ‘was too opinionated for royal life’



Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship reportedly faced significant strain due to Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle, as detailed in a new book. According to the book, Prince William harbored concerns about Meghan Markle, viewing her as an “outsider” and perceiving her as being overly “opinionated.”

The book suggests that Prince William’s reservations about Meghan Markle contributed to the fracturing of the relationship between the two brothers. This revelation sheds light on the dynamics within the royal family and the challenges that arose when Prince Harry introduced his partner, who was not part of the traditional royal circles.

In the book “Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival,” author Omid Scobie explores the strained relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry. The book reveals that the rivalry between the royal brothers was not a new development, as it had existed both in their personal dynamic as siblings and in their roles within the royal family. However, the situation escalated when Harry introduced Meghan Markle into the picture.

According to Scobie, “Meghan Markle’s arrival was a jolt to the system, but William soon expressed concern that Harry was moving too fast with someone who had lived a life so far removed from that of his brother.” This suggests that Prince William had reservations about the pace at which Harry’s relationship with Meghan was progressing, given her background and lifestyle, which differed significantly from the royal family’s.

The book delves into the strained relationship between Prince William and Meghan Markle, highlighting the cultural differences and contrasting upbringings that contributed to tensions. Meghan’s American lifestyle clashed with the traditional royal environment William was accustomed to. William reportedly expressed concerns about the potential risks and consequences of Harry’s unconventional relationship on the royal family’s image.

As the relationship progressed, Harry felt unsupported by William in making Meghan feel welcome. Leaks from within the Palace suggested that William had reservations about Meghan, perceiving her as “opinionated.” The book portrays a deteriorating dynamic between the brothers, with Harry accusing William of not doing enough to embrace Meghan into the royal fold. These insights shed light on the underlying factors that strained the relationship between the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex.

The book claims that William perceived Meghan as an “outsider” who was “too opinionated.” Additionally, it alleges that William took issue with the way Meghan spoke to his staff and the “drama” surrounding her family. According to a source quoted in the book, “William shifted away from acting like a brother and became more like someone only focused [on the Crown].”

As the issues between Harry and William became an open secret, they were forced to address them publicly. The brothers issued a joint statement dismissing the rumors as “inflammatory language” and discouraging further reporting on the alleged trouble between them. However, a source told the book’s author that Harry was not briefed on the statement, and it was issued without his knowledge.

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