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Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis told how to make success of being royal spares



Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, the younger siblings of future King George, are growing up under the watchful eye of the world. As members of the royal family destined to be “spares” to the heir, their upbringing and future roles carry particular significance. A recent interview with former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie Bond shed light on what lies ahead for these young royals, emphasizing the importance of carving out meaningful lives despite their positions in the line of succession.

Bond, known for her insightful commentary on royal matters, highlighted the exemplary path set by Prince Edward and Sophie, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, as a blueprint for Charlotte and Louis. She praised Edward and Sophie’s dedication to royal duties and their proactive approach in using their platform for philanthropic causes. This model, Bond suggested, illustrates how being a “spare” can be transformed into a meaningful and impactful role within the monarchy.

The term “spare to the heir” carries historical weight within the royal family, often fraught with challenges and expectations. Bond acknowledged these complexities, referencing historical figures like King George VI, who himself navigated the pressures of being a spare. Today, with Prince Harry’s memoir stirring controversy around royal roles, the narrative of spares in the modern monarchy is evolving.

For Charlotte and Louis, their parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, are committed to fostering a balanced upbringing that blends royal duties with personal fulfillment. Bond noted that William and Kate’s approach to parenting reflects a modern perspective, influenced by Kate’s background in early childhood education. They prioritize nurturing their children’s individuality and ensuring they feel valued beyond their royal titles.

Central to this approach is the encouragement for Louis, and eventually Charlotte, to explore various paths in life. While traditional options like military service are on the table, the couple aims to broaden their children’s horizons. Bond speculated that Louis might follow his parents’ footsteps by attending university, an experience that not only broadens one’s education but also enriches personal growth and perspective.

Moreover, William and Kate are keen to instill in their children a sense of empathy and service, values that transcend their royal status. Bond highlighted the couple’s emphasis on meaningful engagement with society, echoing the Duke of Edinburgh’s legacy of public service. This ethos underscores their desire for Charlotte and Louis to find fulfillment in whatever roles they choose, whether within or outside the royal sphere.

Looking to Edward and Sophie’s recent rise in prominence within the royal family, Bond pointed out their increasing responsibilities as representatives of King Charles III. Their contributions, from cultural patronage to advocacy for social causes like gender equality and healthcare, showcase the potential impact of “spares” who embrace their roles with dedication and purpose.

As Charlotte and Louis continue to grow, their exposure to royal duties will expand gradually, guided by the experiences of their elder brother, Prince George. Bond emphasized the importance of providing Charlotte and Louis with opportunities to develop their own identities and passions, ensuring they feel empowered and valued in their roles.

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