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Princess Charlotte emulates mum Kate Middleton’s look at Taylor Swift concert



Princess Charlotte recently attended Taylor Swift’s Eras tour at Wembley Stadium, accompanied by her father, Prince William, and her older brother, Prince George. Charlotte emulated one of her mother, Kate Middleton’s iconic looks, by wearing a rose gold sequin dress from John Lewis, which closely resembled a Jenny Packham dress Kate wore in 2011 and reused in 2016. The family’s coordinated outfits are a recurring theme, with Charlotte and Kate often appearing in complementary ensembles during public events, demonstrating their close bond and shared fashion sense.

Princess Charlotte’s attendance at Taylor Swift’s concert marked a memorable fashion moment, as she paid tribute to her mother’s iconic style. The young princess wore a rose gold sequin dress, a piece from John Lewis priced at £26. This dress mirrored a glamorous Jenny Packham gown worn by Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, at the ARK Gala dinner in 2011 and again in 2016. This choice of attire showcased Charlotte’s early inclination towards fashion and her admiration for her mother’s elegant style.

This concert is not the first instance where Princess Charlotte and her mother have coordinated their outfits. During King Charles III’s recent birthday celebrations, the mother-daughter duo appeared in monochrome outfits. Kate donned a snow-white Jenny Packham dress with black accents, while Charlotte sported a black pinafore with ivory trim, showing a clever reversal of colors. This intentional fashion alignment underscores the close relationship between the two and Kate’s influence on Charlotte’s sartorial choices.

Princess Charlotte and Kate have a history of matching their outfits for significant events. For instance, during the coronation, Kate wore a sparkling flower crown, while Charlotte adorned a similar silver and crystal hairband. Additionally, both wore burgundy coats during the annual carol service last year, further demonstrating their shared fashion sense and coordinated public appearances.

The sight of Princess Charlotte and Taylor Swift laughing together with Prince William and Prince George delighted fans and the media alike. This snapshot not only highlighted the royal family’s ability to engage in popular culture but also demonstrated the seamless blend of royal duties with personal enjoyment. Charlotte’s dress, reminiscent of Kate’s past look, received praise and attention, showcasing the young royal’s growing presence in the public eye.

Kate Middleton’s recent public appearances have been especially significant following her announcement of a cancer diagnosis. Despite her health challenges, Kate has continued to fulfill her royal duties, including attending high-profile events like the Trooping the Colour for King Charles III’s birthday. In a video message, Kate expressed her gratitude for the public’s support and shared her ongoing journey towards recovery, emphasizing the importance of patience and self-care.

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