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Why Kate Middleton isn’t commonly known as Catherine – except within the Royal Family



According to Prince Harry’s revelations, when Kate Middleton joined the Royal Family as Prince William’s wife, King Charles and Queen Camilla expressed concerns over the spelling of her real name and encouraged her to change it. Despite being widely known as Kate, her actual name differs significantly, with Kate being merely a nickname. This apparent discrepancy regarding the spelling of her real name seemed to cause a clash with her father-in-law, King Charles, at the time of her entry into the Royal Family.

The Princess of Wales, whose real name is Catherine, has faced an interesting situation regarding her name within the Royal Family. According to Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare,” King Charles and Queen Camilla had suggested that she should spell her name with a ‘K’ instead of a ‘C.’ The reasoning behind this suggestion was to avoid having another royal cypher with the letter ‘C,’ as there were already two existing ones.

It’s important to note that the claim about the Princess of Wales being diagnosed with cancer is unsubstantiated and appears to be inaccurate based on available information. No credible reports have confirmed such a diagnosis. Spreading unverified information, especially regarding personal health matters, should be avoided.

In his memoir “Spare,” Prince Harry recounted a poignant moment when the suggestion of altering the spelling of Catherine’s name to “Katherine” was proposed to avoid confusion with the existing royal cyphers bearing the initials “C” and a crown, representing Charles and Camilla. He vividly described exchanging a glance with Prince William, conveying their shared bewilderment at the proposition.

However, this proposal was ultimately unfulfilled, and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is said to enjoy a cordial relationship with both King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla. In the wake of the Princess of Wales’s recent revelation regarding her cancer diagnosis, King Charles III commended her bravery, expressing his profound pride in her courage for openly discussing her treatment journey. The monarch, having personally grappled with cancer, maintains the closest rapport with his beloved daughter-in-law, as affirmed by an official statement.

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