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Here’s What’s Really Going on With Those Prince William and Kate Middleton “Rural Rival” Rumors



The upcoming coronation of King Charles III has reignited interest in the long-standing rumors surrounding an alleged affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. These speculations first gained traction in 2019 when tabloids reported a “falling out” involving Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Rose Hanbury, fueling gossip about potential infidelity.

Despite the lack of official comments from the Cambridges, the rumors resurfaced in 2022 after an anonymous tip on the celebrity gossip platform DeuxMoi, leading to the bizarre trend of #PrinceOfPegging on Twitter. While the validity of these claims remains unconfirmed, the inclusion of Rose Hanbury on the guest list for the coronation has once again thrust these rumors into the spotlight.

For those seeking clarity on the origins and details of these allegations, we have compiled a comprehensive overview to provide an informative perspective on this ongoing royal saga.

Here are the key points regarding the rumor about Prince William’s alleged affair in an informative tone:

In April 2019, the American publication In Touch reported that Prince William may have had an affair with Rose Hanbury, the former Marchioness of Cholmondeley. The report claimed that when Kate Middleton confronted William about it, he dismissed the allegation.

However, it’s important to note that these were unconfirmed rumors, and there is no actual public evidence to substantiate the claim that William was unfaithful. The reports lacked solid proof and were considered shaky at best.

Addressing the rumors, the Daily Mail’s royal reporter Richard Kay categorically denied them as “fake news.” He stated that both the Cambridges and the Cholmondeleys had considered legal action but ultimately chose to ignore the “hurtful rumors” since none of the reports could provide any evidence about the supposed dispute.

In summary, while tabloid reports surfaced alleging an affair, there has been no confirmation or credible evidence to back up these claims, which were firmly rejected as false by authoritative royal sources.

Rose Hanbury is a former model and the current Marchioness of Cholmondeley, married to David Rocksavage, a film director. They reside in Norfolk, England, near the Anmer Hall country estate of Prince William and Kate Middleton. As a member of the British aristocracy, Rose moves in similar social circles as the royal couple.

The British tabloid The Sun has referred to Rose as Kate’s “rural rival,” fueling speculation of a rift between the two women. In March 2019, The Sun reported that Kate was allegedly upset over a story claiming she had asked William to distance himself from Rose due to a falling-out between them. However, the specific reasons behind the purported disagreement remain unclear.

Despite the rumors, the exact nature of the relationship between Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury is unknown, as the parties involved have not publicly addressed the matter. The reports primarily stem from unconfirmed tabloid sources and speculation within certain social circles.

The recent buzz surrounding the DeuxMoi tip refers to an unverified claim made by an anonymous tipster to the popular gossip account. The tip alleged that a member of the British royal family is involved in an extramarital affair, which is described as an “open secret.” The reason cited for the affair is the royal’s supposed “love of pegging.” This led to the hashtag “PrinceOfPegging” trending on Twitter.

It’s important to note that DeuxMoi itself emphasizes that these tips are completely unverifiable and may be baseless. While the tip did not specify which royal it referred to, online speculation seemed to focus on Prince William, likely due to previous unsubstantiated rumors about him. However, there is no concrete evidence to support the claim or link it directly to any particular individual.

The situation serves as a reminder that unverified gossip and rumors should be approached with caution, especially when involving public figures. Without credible sources or confirmation, such claims remain speculative and potentially harmful.

While Richard Kay stated there was no legal action happening, The Daily Beast claimed otherwise in their report. The Daily Beast reported that pressure was applied by the Palace to get affair rumor claims removed from a Times of London staff writer’s (Giles Coren) Twitter.

Coren’s alleged tweet stated: “Yes, it is an affair. I haven’t read the piece but I know about the affair. Everyone knows about the affair, darling.”

The Daily Beast alleged at least one British publication had been served legal warnings from the royals’ lawyers after publishing details of the rumors.

One of the letters from the royals’ lawyers reportedly stated that publishing false speculation about their private life constitutes a breach of privacy under the European Convention on Human Rights.

So in summary, while one source denied legal action, another claimed the royals were taking legal steps and applying pressure to prevent the spread of affair rumors in the media and on social media.

The truth about the alleged feud between Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury remains uncertain, as the details are known only to those directly involved. However, there are a few key points to consider:

Rose Hanbury attended an event at the palace when the royals hosted Donald Trump, indicating that there are likely no major rifts between her and the royal family. Her invitation to King Charles’s coronation further suggests that there are no ongoing issues.

While Kate understandably finds the rumors hurtful, especially considering the potential impact on her children, a source claims that the situation prompted her and William to re-evaluate and strengthen their relationship.

Ultimately, without direct confirmation from the parties involved, the specifics of what transpired remain speculative. However, the available information suggests that any tensions, if they existed, have likely been resolved or were not as severe as initially rumored.

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