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Kate Middleton loves to make one special meal for a ‘perfect night’ with Prince William



The Prince and Princess of Wales are known for their efforts to maintain a relatively normal family life, which includes minimizing the involvement of royal aides in their household. This approach extends to the dress code for staff members, who are not permitted to wear formal attire around the couple’s three children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, fostering a more relaxed environment.

The Waleses prioritize quality time together as a tight-knit family unit, with both parents actively engaged in caring for their children. The Princess of Wales, in particular, takes great pleasure in cooking, which is one of her favorite hobbies. In 2019, during an official engagement, she revealed that she regularly cooks with her children, a surprisingly ordinary activity for the future Queen.

One of the Princess’s go-to meals for a “perfect night” is a particular dish that happens to be her husband’s favorite. This culinary tradition highlights the couple’s commitment to maintaining a sense of normalcy within their family life, despite the demands and formalities of their royal roles.

The culinary preferences of the Duke of Cambridge have garnered attention, with a particular dish emerging as a favored choice – roast chicken. In 2012, renowned royal author Katie Nicholl documented that the Duchess of Cambridge regularly prepares this dish for her husband, as it is considered one of his favorites. Nicholl stated, “In the evenings, she indulges her hobby of cooking William’s favourite supper, roast chicken. That’s their idea of the perfect night.” This account in Vanity Fair provided insight into the couple’s domestic life during their early years of marriage while residing in Anglesey, Wales.

Furthermore, Nicholl shed light on the Duchess’s culinary pursuits, noting, “They are reported to own a sausage-maker, and she has started making homemade pots of fruit jam while her husband is at work. (She gave strawberry jam and plum preserves out as Christmas presents last year.)” These details paint a picture of a couple cherishing the simple pleasures of home-cooked meals and handcrafted delicacies, despite their elevated status within the royal family.

The Duchess of Cambridge has demonstrated her willingness to accommodate the Prince of Wales’s culinary preferences. His Royal Highness has openly acknowledged his aversion to excessively spicy foods, stating in an interview with Radio 1: “I start sweating, it’s not attractive.”

The Duchess has elucidated that, while she personally enjoys a certain level of heat in her curries, she modifies her cooking technique to cater to the Prince’s intolerance. “I like the spice, so I have to sort of cook the curry and then add the spice, extra spice at the end,” she explained, once his portion has been served. During the same appearance, the Duchess also mentioned that some of her go-to dishes include “a curry or teriyaki salmon, something like that.”

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