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Kate Middleton revealed the ‘awkward’ way she told mum Carole she was marrying Prince William



Kate Middleton found herself in an awkward situation when informing her mother, Carole Middleton, about her engagement to Prince William. As per tradition, the Prince was expected to seek permission from Kate’s father, Michael Middleton, before proposing. However, due to nerves, William failed to do so until after their trip to Kenya, where he proposed using Princess Diana’s iconic sapphire ring.

Kate and William’s relationship blossomed during their time at St Andrew’s University, and they continued dating after graduation. Despite a brief split in 2007, there was mounting pressure on the Prince to propose as their relationship progressed. William finally popped the question in 2010 during their Kenyan vacation, but the oversight of not asking Kate’s father beforehand led to an awkward moment when Kate had to share the news with her mother.

The proposal of marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton was a significant event, and the process of sharing the news with Kate’s mother, Carole, presented an interesting situation. During their engagement interview in 2010, the Duchess of Cambridge explained that there was an awkward moment when she was unsure if Carole was already aware of the proposal.

Kate mentioned that she knew William had asked her father’s permission, but she didn’t know if her mother had been informed. This led to an awkward encounter where both Kate and Carole were uncertain about the other’s knowledge of the proposal, resulting in an uncomfortable silence.

However, Kate eventually revealed the news to her mother, who was overjoyed and “absolutely over the moon” upon hearing it. Kate described the experience of telling her mother as “amazing,” and Carole was evidently very happy for the couple.

This anecdote provides an insightful glimpse into the personal dynamics surrounding the highly anticipated royal engagement, highlighting the excitement and anticipation surrounding such a momentous occasion.

Promoted Stories provide insight into William’s decision-making process regarding his proposal to Kate. When questioned about not seeking permission beforehand, William humorously explained his thought process. He contemplated asking Kate’s father first but realized there was a risk of being denied permission. To circumvent this potential obstacle, he strategically decided to propose to Kate first, as her acceptance would make it difficult for her father to object. This informative account sheds light on William’s pragmatic approach and his determination to secure Kate’s hand in marriage.

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