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Kate Middleton ‘terrified’ that Prince George will pick up Prince William’s dangerous hobby



In the realm of the illustrious British royal family, one element of friendly competition between Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, has taken an unexpected turn. While both are well-known for their athletic prowess and shared love for sports, there exists a particular hobby that has left Kate, or Catherine as the Duchess of Cambridge, shuddering in apprehension.

Having showcased her athletic talents in school at Marlborough College and carrying that enthusiasm into adulthood with impressive performances in netball, table tennis, sailing, and tennis – even engaging in a friendly match against tennis legend Roger Federer – Kate Middleton is indisputably one of the sportiest members of the royal family. The Wimbledon regular is also a celebrated fan of sports, often cheering on the England team and paying tribute to players such as Andy Murray upon their retirement.

On the other hand, Prince William, who recently supported the England team in Germany, holds sports close to his heart as well. With a background in water polo, swimming, skiing, and football, the future King’s passion for athletics is evident. It is his rather unconventional interest in motorbikes, however, that has left Kate “terrified.”

Four years after sharing her apprehension about her husband’s motorbike passion during a royal visit to Dundee, Kate remains anxious about Prince George, their eldest child, potentially developing an interest in motorbikes. When their children were young, she expressed her constant worry about the possibility of Prince George being drawn to motorbikes, hoping to keep him “off it.”

Prince William obtained his motorbike license at the age of 19, having practiced for the test on his red Kawasaki 125cc bike on the grounds of his father’s Highgrove Estate. The motorbike enthusiast has always been vocal about his passion for motorbikes, sharing that he enjoys everything about them and the sense of camaraderie that comes with it.

However, as a father of three, William has toned down his motorbike adventures, much to Kate’s relief. Speaking at the Isle of Man TT races, William admitted that fatherhood has made him more cautious, and his days zipping about on a motorbike are long behind him. As time passes and their children grow older, one can only imagine the discussions and guidance the Duke and Duchess will provide regarding the role of sports and hobbies in their children’s lives. For now, Kate can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that her family’s love for sports and competition extends beyond the realm of motorbikes.

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