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Meghan Markle can never be a princess: What is the reason and what is this strange royal rule?



Meghan Markle, despite being an active member of the Royal Family, does not hold the title “Princess Meghan.” Upon her marriage to Prince Harry, she was granted the title Duchess of Sussex by the late Queen Elizabeth II. However, her official designation, which is lesser known, is Princess Henry of Wales. This unconventional title stems from Harry’s birth name, Henry, and is a designation that women receive when they marry into the royal family. While she is commonly referred to as the Duchess of Sussex, her formal title reflects the tradition of taking on her husband’s name within the royal hierarchy.

The title “Princess” is traditionally bestowed upon women who marry into the British royal family. However, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have chosen not to adopt this title, making it relatively uncommon for modern royal women to do so. Kate Middleton acquired the same title upon her marriage to Prince William, but she too has refrained from using it.

The only royal who currently employs this title is Princess Michael of Kent, originally known as Baroness Marie-Christine von Reibnitz. Princess Michael embraced this title after her marriage to Prince Michael of Kent, who is a cousin of Queen Elizabeth, in 1978. This decision sets her apart from the more recent royal brides who have opted not to use the traditional “Princess” title.

The issue of racism and insensitivity towards cultural representations has been a topic of concern within the British Royal Family. In 2017, Princess Michael of Kent faced criticism for wearing a ‘Blackamoor’ brooch, a piece of jewelry that depicts an African or non-European male in a subservient role, during her initial meeting with Meghan Markle. This incident prompted Princess Michael to issue an apology for the perceived racist undertones.

Meghan Markle’s candid remarks on various subjects, including racism and politics, have sparked discussions about the potential consequences for members of the Royal Family. While there have been speculations about Meghan losing her royal titles due to her outspoken nature, no such action has been taken as of yet. It is worth noting that Meghan and Prince Harry chose to step away from their senior royal roles and relocate to the United States in 2020.

Despite being married to a prince, Meghan Markle will never officially hold the title “Princess Meghan.” This designation is reserved for those born directly into the Royal Family. Had she not been granted the Sussex title upon her marriage, Meghan would have been referred to as Princess Henry, following the traditional naming convention for wives of British princes.

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