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Meghan Markle’s plan B to earn more money puts King Charles and Prince William on high alert



Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, continues to wield influence over the British Royal Family despite her and Prince Harry’s departure from royal duties and relocation to the United States. With her podcasting endeavors concluded, Meghan has turned her focus to launching the American Riviera Orchard lifestyle company, promoting products such as jams, candles, dog treats, and body oils.

However, with few products materializing on the company’s website in recent months, speculations arise about the venture’s success. Should this business initiative falter, Meghan’s next potential move involves publishing a memoir—a prospect that has put King Charles and Prince William on high alert.

According to royal expert Tom Quinn, a memoir detailing Meghan’s experiences as a working royal in the U.K. could potentially yield substantial income. Quinn suggested that despite her efforts with American Riviera Orchard, Meghan recognizes the lucrative potential of a memoir, which could attract millions of readers eager for insights into her time within the royal family.

The prospect of such a memoir has reportedly unsettled King Charles, described by Quinn as viewing the idea with horror. The memoir’s publication would likely draw significant attention, not only generating revenue directly but also potentially boosting traffic to Meghan’s fledgling business ventures.

Quinn further noted that Prince Harry’s expected involvement in the memoir adds another layer of concern for the royal family. Given Harry’s insider perspective and firsthand experiences, the memoir could potentially reveal sensitive information or perspectives that may impact the family’s public image.

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