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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘very content’ with Montecito life despite one big regret



The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly experiencing a profound sense of contentment with their current lifestyle in California. However, esteemed experts have expressed the belief that Prince Harry may be experiencing a sense of longing for the camaraderie and social connections he once enjoyed in the United Kingdom.

This assessment follows Prince Harry’s decision to forego attendance at the recent nuptials of the Duke of Westminster and Olivia Henson on Friday, June 7th. The high-profile event witnessed the presence of numerous individuals who were once an integral part of Prince Harry’s social circle in the UK, while he opted to remain in the United States alongside his wife, the Duchess of Sussex.

The royal commentator Katie Nicholl shared insights into the current state of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex based on information from a source who recently spent time with the couple. According to Nicholl, her contact revealed that Harry and Meghan are “very content and tight as a family unit,” and that Harry is “really happy” with his life.

However, Nicholl emphasized that Harry is likely missing home during significant events like royal weddings, which he would have attended if his relationship with his brother Prince William was on better terms. Nicholl made these comments during an appearance on the Kinsey Schofield Unfiltered podcast, where she discussed the couple’s contentment but also acknowledged Harry’s potential feelings of absence during major family occasions.

The recent news regarding Prince Harry’s decision to leave his life in the UK and relocate to the USA with Meghan Markle has sparked discussions about the potential consequences of this move. A second expert has expressed the opinion that Harry may eventually regret turning his back on his long-standing friendships for his new life with Meghan.

By uprooting from the UK, Harry not only left behind his family and his role as a working member of the Royal Family but also a lifetime of friendships forged through various experiences and situations. While he is now establishing new connections and embracing a more glamorous lifestyle in the USA, the royal expert believes that Harry may come to regret the loss of his past relationships, despite the new ones he has formed.

This perspective highlights the potential challenges of making significant life changes and the importance of maintaining meaningful connections, even as one’s circumstances evolve.

The commentary by Richard Eden in the Daily Mail raises pertinent observations regarding Prince Harry’s social circles. Eden notes the contrasting backgrounds and sensibilities between the Prince’s longstanding acquaintances, characterized as country sports enthusiasts with an earthy sense of humor, and his former girlfriend, Meghan Markle, portrayed as a politically correct Californian with a penchant for wellness practices.

This disparity, Eden suggests, may have contributed to a lack of initial rapport between Markle and certain members of Harry’s inner circle during the early stages of their courtship in 2017. Furthermore, Eden speculates that as the Prince forges new connections within the entertainment industry in California, he may eventually lament the potential estrangement from his established social network. This commentary offers a formal analysis of the dynamics at play within Prince Harry’s evolving social landscape.

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