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Prince Harry ‘regrets’ not attending Trooping the Colour, amid military ties



Prince Harry reportedly regrets not attending the Trooping the Colour ceremony, an event steeped in military tradition and significance for the British Royal Family. The ceremony, which took place on the occasion of King Charles III’s official birthday, saw notable absences, including Harry and Meghan Markle. Their estrangement from the royal family was evident as they spent the day at their home in Montecito, California.

According to royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams, Harry likely feels a sense of regret, particularly because of his deep connection to military traditions. Despite their departure from royal duties, Harry’s military ties remain significant to him. Fitzwilliams explained that Harry’s interest in military matters makes his absence from such an important event more poignant. He noted that Harry’s regret is compounded by the circumstances surrounding his and Meghan’s departure from royal duties, which they believe involved a lack of support from the royal family.

The commentator highlighted that Harry and Meghan had sought an apology from the royal family for how they were treated as senior working members, an apology they have yet to receive. Fitzwilliams believes this unresolved issue contributes to Harry’s mixed feelings about missing the ceremony. He suggested that while Harry might have felt a strong pull to be present, the strained relations likely made attending complicated.

On the other hand, Fitzwilliams speculated that Meghan Markle might feel indifferent about missing the Trooping the Colour. He opined that the ceremony might not hold significant personal value for her, given the nature of her and Harry’s estrangement from the royal family and their focus on their new life in the United States.

The event itself was marked by the presence of other senior royals, including Kate, the Princess of Wales, making her first public appearance since her cancer diagnosis. Kate, alongside her children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, captivated the public. Louis, known for his expressive and playful behavior at public events, again charmed onlookers with his candid reactions during the ceremony.

The Trooping the Colour also showcased the royal family’s resilience and unity in the face of ongoing challenges, with King Charles III’s birthday celebrations highlighting the continuity and traditions of the monarchy. The absence of Harry and Meghan, however, underscored the ongoing rift within the family, reminding the public of the personal and institutional complexities the royals face.

Harry’s sense of regret may also be tied to the ceremonial roles he once held. His involvement in military service, including his tours in Afghanistan and his founding of the Invictus Games, underscores his commitment to the military community. Missing such a significant military event likely brings mixed emotions for Harry, balancing his current life in California with the traditions he once participated in as a senior royal.

The strained relationship between Harry and the royal family continues to be a topic of public interest, with each absence from major royal events sparking discussions about the depth of their estrangement. While Harry and Meghan navigate their new lives, their ties to royal traditions and duties remain a complex aspect of their personal and public identities.

In summary, Prince Harry’s regret over not attending Trooping the Colour highlights his enduring connection to royal and military traditions despite the ongoing estrangement from his family. This contrast between his current life in the U.S. and his former roles underscores the broader themes of duty, family, and personal fulfillment that continue to shape the narrative of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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