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Prince William and Kate Middleton have a secret, unseen cottage tucked away in the moors of Scotland



Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are known to reside primarily at Kensington Palace since the birth of their youngest son, Prince Louis, in 2018. However, reports indicate that the royal couple has a secret third home in Scotland, which serves as a private retreat away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, allowing them to enjoy quality family time.

This three-bedroom cottage, located on the Balmoral Estate, the Queen’s private Scottish residence, was a gift bestowed upon Prince William by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2002. The cottage, known as Tam-Na-Ghar, has rarely been seen by anyone outside the royal family and is situated near Birkhall, the residence of Prince Charles and Camilla on the Balmoral Estate in Aberdeen.

The existence of this secluded Scottish getaway provides the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with a sanctuary where they can escape the public spotlight and cherish their family life in privacy.

The Balmoral estate, spanning an impressive 50,000 acres, encompasses a total of 150 buildings, including a summer cottage where Queen Victoria diligently penned her numerous diaries. Notably, Kate visited this historic cottage on several occasions during her courtship with Prince William. One particularly memorable visit occurred in 2005 when Prince William arranged a romantic Valentine’s weekend getaway at the cottage, following a five-week separation due to his military officer training at Sandhurst. Subsequently, the couple frequently retreated to this three-bedroom cottage during their time as students at the University of St Andrews, allowing them to cherish moments of privacy and intimacy.

Most recently, the royal family, including Prince Charles, Camilla, and their three children, spent a summer holiday in 2019 at the cottage located on the Balmoral Estate in Scotland. Prince Charles and Camilla are known to appreciate the local area around Birkhall due to the privacy it affords them, as the local residents treat them like any other member of the community. Similarly, Prince William is said to enjoy the Balmoral Estate for the same reason, valuing the privacy and normalcy it provides.

Due to the couple’s privacy regarding their Scottish retreat, there are no publicly available pictures showcasing the interior or exterior of Tam-Na-Ghar. In addition to residing at Apartment A1 at Kensington Palace, the couple has also called Anmer Hall, a Georgian country house located in the village of Anmer in Norfolk, their home for a significant portion of the past decade. Notably, the 18th-century building was gifted to them by the Queen in 2011 as a wedding present.

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