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Prince William’s childhood crush and Diana’s ’embarrassing’ move that left him red-faced



Prince William, like many boys, had a crush on supermodels Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington, whose posters he had on his bedroom walls. His mother, Princess Diana, known for her playful side, decided to surprise him by inviting these models to their home. When William came home from school and saw them, he was so shocked that he almost fell down the stairs and turned bright red with embarrassment.

This incident is a testament to Diana’s mischievous and fun-loving nature, which she often expressed through playful surprises for her sons. In a 2017 documentary marking the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death, Prince Harry recalled his mother’s “childish” streak and how she loved having fun with her children. Harry fondly remembered her laugh and the joy she derived from spending time with him and William. Diana’s playful personality often led to moments that were both embarrassing and endearing for her sons.

One such memorable moment occurred when William was around 12 or 13 years old. Diana, utilizing her celebrity status, managed to arrange a meeting with his crushes. Cindy Crawford recalled receiving a personal call from Diana inviting her for tea when she was next in London. Diana believed it would be a delightful surprise for William, who was just beginning to notice models. However, the surprise left William completely awestruck and embarrassed. He described himself as a typical boy who had posters of the models on his walls and was utterly speechless and clumsy upon seeing them in person.

Diana’s efforts to create special moments for her sons did not stop there. For William’s 13th birthday, she ordered a cheeky “boob cake,” which caused him to blush bright red once again. The family’s former head chef, Darren McGrady, recounted the incident, describing his shock upon seeing the cake in the refrigerator. Diana’s humorous birthday gesture highlighted her playful approach to motherhood, making her sons’ milestones unforgettable with a touch of her mischievous spirit. Interestingly, Prince Harry found the boob cake hilarious and told his mother he wanted one too.

These anecdotes reflect Diana’s unique parenting style, blending affection, humor, and a sense of fun. Her ability to use her status to create extraordinary experiences for her sons, while also ensuring they had a joyful and somewhat normal childhood, underscores her enduring legacy as a loving and playful mother.

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