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Prince William’s favourite food revealed – and it’s not very royal



Prince William, often perceived through the lens of his royal duties and the public image of the monarchy, has a surprisingly relatable taste in food. His favorite dishes reflect comfort and simplicity rather than the sophistication one might expect from a member of the British royal family.

Growing up, William and his brother Harry enjoyed a variety of comfort foods prepared by their nanny, including cottage pie, fish cakes, spaghetti and meatballs, and the traditional English roast. Darren McGrady, the former royal chef, has often recounted how the young princes were fed hearty, homey meals that many families across the UK would recognize from their own dinner tables.

This down-to-earth palate has carried into William’s adult life. During a 2020 interview with BBC Radio 1, William revealed his love for Nando’s peri-peri chicken, a popular choice among many for its flavorful, spicy profile. This admission delighted fans who appreciated seeing a more relatable, human side of the prince. His enthusiasm for Nando’s started after being introduced to the fast-food chain by his security team, illustrating that his tastes are not confined to the gourmet and the exclusive.

Kate Middleton, his wife, has also influenced the family’s dining habits. Known for her culinary skills, Kate enjoys cooking and often prepares meals for the family. She has shared that she makes traditional dishes such as roast chicken, which has become a favorite in their household. The Duchess of Cambridge’s approach to family meals is practical and grounded, focusing on wholesome, hearty recipes that cater to their children’s preferences as well.

This preference for comfort food over haute cuisine highlights a more personal, accessible aspect of royal life. It underscores the fact that, despite their status and the formalities surrounding their public appearances, the Cambridges enjoy many of the same simple pleasures as other families. This relatability is part of what endears them to the public, allowing people to connect with them on a more personal level.

William’s food preferences also reflect broader trends within the royal family toward a more modern, less rigid approach to tradition. The younger generation of royals, including William and Kate, has shown a willingness to embrace elements of contemporary culture, whether through their culinary choices, their charitable endeavors, or their approach to parenting. This shift represents a subtle yet significant evolution in the public’s perception of the monarchy, making it more approachable and relatable.

Moreover, the fact that William and Kate prioritize cooking and eating together as a family speaks volumes about their values. It emphasizes the importance they place on family time and maintaining a sense of normalcy for their children amidst the unique pressures and expectations that come with their royal roles.

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