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Sweet moment Kate strokes Charlotte’s hair and guides her forward in behind-the-scenes footage of Waleses at Trooping the Colour with Louis giving a little wave



During the recent Trooping the Colour event, Princess Kate and Princess Charlotte showcased their close mother-daughter bond through a series of tender and coordinated moments. The event, which celebrates the British Sovereign’s official birthday, saw the royal family come together in a grand display.

Princess Charlotte’s hairstyle change during the event drew attention from royal watchers. Initially seen with her hair pulled back in a half-up style with a blue ribbon, she later appeared with her hair styled in two braids tied together with the same ribbon. This quick change was likely made by Princess Kate, demonstrating her attentive care and involvement in her children’s appearances​.

The bond between Kate and Charlotte was further highlighted by their matching outfits. Both wore blue ensembles, continuing their tradition of color-coordinated appearances at significant events. This visual harmony not only reflects their close relationship but also adds a touch of charm to their public appearances​.

In addition to their matching outfits, Kate’s motherly care was evident in how she interacted with her children. For instance, during the event, Kate was seen comforting and guiding Charlotte and her brothers. At one point, Charlotte was spotted helping her mother keep an eye on her younger brother, Prince Louis, mirroring Kate’s gestures and assisting in managing his behavior. This dynamic showcases Charlotte’s emerging role in the family and her close connection with her mother​.

These moments were part of a larger pattern of affectionate interactions between Kate and Charlotte. Whether attending formal events like Trooping the Colour or more casual outings such as Wimbledon, their bond is consistently visible. For example, at Wimbledon, Kate was seen affectionately tweaking Charlotte’s hair and sharing laughs, highlighting the joy and warmth in their relationship​.

Overall, the Trooping the Colour event provided a glimpse into the affectionate and coordinated relationship between Princess Kate and Princess Charlotte, underscoring the strong family bonds within the royal family​.

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