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William looks less ‘lost’ without Kate as he channels late grandmother’s hosting skills



Prince William recently hosted Japan’s Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako during their state visit to the UK. A body language expert noted that William appeared more confident and less “lost” without his wife, Kate, by his side, displaying skills reminiscent of his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. William adeptly welcomed the Japanese royals, engaging in a friendly manner with good eye contact and animated body language, showcasing his abilities as a leading royal. This event came amidst Kate’s ongoing recovery from a cancer diagnosis, during which she has limited her public engagements.

William played a prominent role in the state visit, formally greeting the Emperor and Empress and escorting them to meet King Charles and Queen Camilla. Judi James, a body language expert, commented that William looked less “lost” without Kate, confidently interacting with the guests and handling the event with poise. His actions included handshakes, eye contact, and animated conversations, helping the Japanese royals feel welcomed and at ease.

Kate, the Princess of Wales, has been focusing on her health after a cancer diagnosis. She made her first public appearance since the diagnosis at the Trooping the Colour event but has otherwise been resting and recovering. Despite her absence, William has stepped up, demonstrating his capabilities in hosting and royal duties.

Judi James highlighted that William’s mannerisms and hosting skills were reminiscent of his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. His ability to engage warmly and confidently with guests, even without Kate’s support, reflects his growing role within the royal family. William’s demeanor included a polite and welcoming smile, ensuring a friendly atmosphere during the visit.

William’s recent public appearances also showed a more relaxed and joyful side, such as when he attended a Taylor Swift concert with his children. James noted that family support, particularly from his relatives Zara, Carole, and Sophie, has helped him navigate these challenging times. Their support has been crucial in re-energizing him amidst the pressures of his royal duties and personal life.

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