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Friends of Meghan Markle’s first husband are still advised to ‘never mention the “M” word’ after he was left ‘crushed’ when she demanded a divorce, despite being a Hollywood hotshot with new millionaire wife



The scene takes place at the popular Il Pastaio Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills, a celebrity hotspot frequented by agents, managers, and stars like Justin Bieber and Al Pacino. At one table, a ruggedly handsome man in gold-rimmed sunglasses, recognized by many patrons, was conversing with a group of managers and agents. However, one topic was strictly off-limits: Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex and his ex-wife.

While Meghan has moved forward with her life, so too has her former husband, Trevor Engelson. A friend of Engelson’s revealed that he initially struggled after Meghan demanded a divorce, and the situation was exacerbated when she became involved with Prince Harry, as the constant publicity served as a reminder. However, the friend stated that Engelson has now put those difficulties behind him.

The passage provides an informative account of the scene at the restaurant and Engelson’s current stance regarding his high-profile ex-wife, without delving into excessive details or speculation.

Trevor’s friend reports that Trevor is extremely happy with his current life as a father and husband, feeling more fulfilled than ever before. However, those close to him avoid mentioning his ex-wife Meghan, as he has moved on to what could be considered an even better situation.

Professionally and financially, Trevor’s fortunes have blossomed in recent years. In 2019, he married wealthy heiress Tracey Kurland, whose late father left her an inheritance estimated at $250 million from his $500 million mortgage industry fortune.

At 46 years old, Trevor now enjoys a life out of the spotlight, doing work he loves, likely with greater financial resources than his ex-wife Meghan. His friend views Trevor’s present circumstances as the “ultimate revenge” against his previous situation.

The information objectively outlines Trevor’s positive personal life changes, substantial inherited wealth from his wife’s family, and his friend’s perspective that Trevor has surpassed his ex-wife’s status – all conveyed in a straightforward, informative manner.

Trevor and Tracey reside on an expansive estate in an affluent Los Angeles neighborhood, where they live with their two young daughters. For the past two years, they have co-hosted a golf tournament in memory of Tracey’s father, which has successfully raised over a million dollars for charity.

According to a close friend, they are described as a tight-knit family and a wonderful couple. The friend stated, “Trevor adores his wife and his two little girls. When he’s with them, he never stops smiling.”

Professionally, Trevor has achieved notable success. His management and production company, Underground, based in Beverly Hills, created the hit TV crime drama Snowfall, which ran for six seasons and starred British actor Damson Idris. A spin-off show is currently in development.

Trevor represents a roster of up-and-coming talents, and unlike many in Hollywood, he has been a vocal supporter of the ongoing actors’ and writers’ strike.

The friend further described Trevor as a “quick-talking guy from Great Neck, New York,” adding, “In some ways, he’s your typical agent/manager, always talking up his clients and various projects.”

Trevor Engelson, Meghan Markle’s ex-husband, is known for his kindness and generosity behind the scenes in Hollywood. During the recent industry strike, he has been actively supporting fellow workers by providing refreshments on picket lines, showcasing his compassionate nature. Despite his success, Engelson remains humble and avoids the spotlight, preferring to keep his charitable acts private.

Engelson and Markle’s relationship dates back to 2004 when they met at a Hollywood bar. They quickly fell in love, moved in together, and after seven years of dating, tied the knot in a Jamaican beach wedding where guests received hemp gift bags containing local marijuana samples.

Markle’s estranged father, Thomas Markle, speaks highly of Engelson, recalling him as a “perfect gentleman” who treated his daughter and family with great respect. When Engelson sought Markle’s hand in marriage, Thomas Markle was overjoyed, appreciating Engelson’s kind and supportive demeanor towards his family.

The relationship between Meghan Markle and her first husband, Trevor Engelson, was marked by a strong bond and mutual support. Unlike Prince Harry’s strained relationship with his father-in-law, Engelson enjoyed a warm connection with both Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, and her mother, Doria Ragland. Engelson was described as treating Meghan well and being kind and respectful towards her parents, often joining them for meals and special occasions.

During their marriage, Engelson was the primary breadwinner, as Meghan struggled to establish herself as an actress. Despite her challenges, including a stint as a “suitcase girl” on the show Deal Or No Deal, which she later felt objectified her, Engelson remained a constant source of support. He helped her secure roles in low-budget films and even a part alongside a young Robert Pattinson.

When Meghan landed her breakthrough role as Rachel Zane on the TV series Suits, Engelson wholeheartedly supported her move to Toronto for filming. Friends and sources close to the couple described Engelson as being “loyal” and Meghan’s “biggest cheerleader,” consistently building her up and providing unwavering support throughout her career journey.

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The breakdown of Trevor Engelson’s marriage to Meghan Markle left him deeply heartbroken, according to his friend’s account. Trevor reportedly reached out to their mutual friends, expressing bewilderment over what had gone wrong in the relationship. This incident has given rise to the phrase “You’ve been Markled,” which refers to Meghan’s perceived ability to swiftly distance herself from once-close friends.

The Mail on Sunday earlier revealed that the Beckhams were famously “Markled” when Meghan allegedly suspected Victoria of leaking stories about her to the press, an allegation the Beckhams vehemently deny. Similarly, Meghan is said to have cut ties with her childhood best friend, Ninaki Priddy, for reasons unknown, with some suggesting Ninaki supported Trevor during the divorce.

According to the friend’s statement, Trevor took a considerable amount of time to recover from the divorce. However, his healing process was disrupted in 2016 when news broke of Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry. This incident sheds light on the personal impact of the high-profile separation and the subsequent events surrounding Meghan’s life.

The aftermath of Trevor Engelson’s divorce from Meghan Markle was undoubtedly a challenging period for him. As a public figure, he faced intense media scrutiny and probing questions from friends about his emotional state, which could not have been easy to navigate. Interestingly, Engelson even contemplated creating a TV series that explored the premise of a man whose ex-wife becomes involved with a prince, but this project was ultimately shelved.

It wasn’t until meeting his second wife, Tracey, that Engelson found the stability and contentment he sought. The couple exchanged vows in a lavish ceremony at a five-star beach hotel in Montecito, California, ironically located near the $11 million, 16-bathroom home that Meghan and Prince Harry later purchased in the same exclusive enclave.

According to a wedding guest, the occasion was a joyous celebration, with Engelson appearing visibly happy and relieved, having endured a tumultuous period in his personal life. The guest expressed that those close to Engelson were delighted to see him in such a positive place, having overcome the emotional turmoil of his previous relationship and divorce.

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