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Kate Middleton’s ‘first love’ boyfriend, rocky patch with William and ex who ‘broke her heart’



Kate Middleton’s romantic journey before meeting Prince William is an intriguing chapter in her life story. While the royal couple’s love blossomed during their university days at St. Andrews, where they formed a close friendship before embarking on a romantic relationship, Kate had previously dated a string of eligible bachelors.

Prior to her fateful encounter with William, Kate was reportedly still harboring feelings for an ex-boyfriend from her Marlborough College days. However, her past romantic interests extended beyond this particular individual, encompassing a diverse array of suitors.

From a journalist to a shipping heir, Kate’s dating history before finding her prince charming is a subject of curiosity. These previous relationships, though fleeting, offer insights into her personal journey and the experiences that shaped her before she ultimately found her forever love with Prince William.

As the couple’s fairy-tale romance unfolded, culminating in their 2011 wedding and the birth of their three children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, Kate’s past romantic entanglements serve as a reminder of the winding paths we sometimes traverse before finding our true destiny.

Before Kate Middleton’s move to Scotland to attend the University of St Andrews, she had a college boyfriend named Willem Marx. He was described as her “first love,” and the couple dated while attending Marlborough College in Wiltshire. Willem currently resides in London and works as a special correspondent for the PBS NewsHour. Previously, he held journalism roles at CNBC and Bloomberg. He is married to Italian TV presenter Johanna Botta, and they have one child together.

Another significant figure in Kate’s past is Harry Blakelock, known as “the one that got away.” It is said that before Prince William’s arrival, Kate was deeply invested in her “hot and cold” romance with Blakelock, who is now an insurance broker. Their relationship is rumored to have left Kate heartbroken at the time.

Kate and Harry’s relationship dates back to their time at Marlborough College, where Kate reportedly developed strong feelings for him. However, their romance was short-lived, despite both studying abroad in Florence, Italy, simultaneously. According to a friend’s account in the Mail on Sunday, Kate was deeply infatuated with Harry upon arriving in Florence. She frequently spoke about him and expressed her desire to rekindle their relationship, as Harry seemed to have been inconsistent in his affections towards her during their time at school. Ultimately, Harry married one of Kate’s school friends and is currently a partner at Lockton, the world’s largest independent insurance broker.

Rupert Finch was Kate Middleton’s boyfriend before she met Prince William at the University of St Andrews. Their relationship lasted for nearly a year in 2001, when Finch was in his final year of studying law, while Kate had just begun her studies. According to sources, Finch was described as a “nice man,” and their breakup was amicable. Despite their split, Finch was invited to Kate and William’s royal wedding in 2011. Interestingly, the royal couple also attended Finch’s wedding to Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs in 2013, indicating that they remained on good terms after their university romance ended.

Henry Ropner is an individual who was briefly linked to Kate Middleton during her temporary split from Prince William in 2007. Ropner comes from a wealthy background, as his family owns a shipping management firm valued at £33.7 million. Although Kate and Henry were rumored to be dating at the time, their association was short-lived. Ropner eventually married Natasha Sinclair, and the couple currently resides in Somerset. This brief interlude in Kate’s personal life garnered attention due to the public’s keen interest in her relationship with Prince William, which ultimately reconciled after their temporary separation.

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