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Meghan Markle once mistook Prince Andrew for The Queen’s assistant reveals Prince Harry



Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, was once mistaken for the Queen’s assistant by Meghan Markle during their initial meeting in 2016. This revelation comes from Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” where he recounts the details of the Duchess of Sussex’s first encounter with the Royal Family.

According to the book extract obtained by the Daily Mail, the meeting took place at The Royal Lodge, Prince Andrew’s residence on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Meghan, who had not researched the Royal Family beforehand, was confused about Prince Andrew’s identity and assumed he was the Queen’s assistant.

The memoir excerpt reads: “After a moment, Meg asked me something about the Queen’s assistant. I asked who she was talking about.” This misunderstanding highlights the lack of familiarity Meghan had with the Royal Family members before officially joining the monarchy.

In his memoir, Prince Harry recounts an incident where Meghan Markle inquired about a man accompanying a woman, asking if he was her assistant. Harry revealed that the man in question was actually Prince Andrew, Meghan’s brother-in-law and the Duke of York. This anecdote highlights Meghan’s apparent lack of familiarity with the British royal family prior to her marriage.

Furthermore, Prince Harry addresses the allegations of sexual assault against Prince Andrew by Virginia Giuffre. He describes the situation as “shameful” and expresses concern over the fact that Prince Andrew continued to receive protection from the royal family despite the scandal. This candid discussion sheds light on the tensions surrounding the allegations and their impact within the royal household.

The Prince’s memoir sheds light on his wife’s concerns about their security arrangements after relocating to America. He reassured her that they would not be left unprotected, citing the “climate of hate” and the tragic fate of his mother, Princess Diana. Additionally, he pointed to the case of his Uncle Andrew, who retained his security detail despite being embroiled in a scandalous sexual assault allegation involving a young woman. The Prince emphasized that regardless of any grievances against them, sex crimes were not part of the equation, implying that their situation did not warrant such extreme measures.

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