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Prince George will soon be hit by strict royal ban that also applied to Prince William



Prince George will soon face a royal travel rule that impacted his father, Prince William, and grandfather, King Charles. This rule mandates that heirs to the throne must travel separately to ensure the monarchy’s continuity in case of an accident. Currently, Prince William can travel with his three children, but once George turns 12 next July, he will need to fly separately from his father.

King Charles’ former pilot, Graham Laurie, explained this rule during an interview on HELLO Magazine’s ‘A Right Royal Podcast’. He mentioned that up until William was 12, he traveled with his family, but after that age, he had to use a separate aircraft unless granted special permission by the monarch.

This rule aims to safeguard the future of the monarchy by minimizing the risk of losing multiple heirs in an aviation disaster. While air travel is generally safe, historical precedents exist where royals have died in crashes. For example, Prince Philip’s sister, Princess Cecile, perished in 1937, the Queen’s uncle, Prince George, Duke of Kent, died in 1942, and her cousin, Prince William of Gloucester, died in 1972.

The strict travel rule can be waived with the monarch’s approval, but this is rare. This protocol underscores the importance of succession planning within the royal family. Moreover, other stringent travel rules apply to the royals. For instance, they must always carry a black outfit when traveling abroad. This rule came into effect after Queen Elizabeth II’s father, King George VI, died in 1952 while she was in Kenya. She didn’t have a mourning outfit and had to wait for one to be brought on board her return flight to the UK before she could disembark.

Another precaution is that the King travels with a supply of his own blood and a doctor at all times. This ensures that, in an emergency, he can receive immediate medical care. These protocols highlight the meticulous planning and risk management strategies employed to protect the royal family’s well-being and ensure the continuity of their roles.

For Prince George, turning 12 will mark a significant milestone, ushering in new responsibilities and restrictions. This change will likely affect how the family travels, potentially splitting travel arrangements between George and his siblings or mother. These adjustments are designed to protect the line of succession and ensure the stability of the monarchy.

This rule, while seemingly stringent, has its roots in historical necessity and the need for careful succession planning. It reflects the royal family’s proactive measures to preserve the future of the monarchy amidst various risks associated with modern travel. As Prince George approaches this pivotal age, the adjustments in travel protocols will be a testament to the royal family’s adherence to tradition and their commitment to safeguarding their legacy.

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