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Prince William hurt as he sees chilling similarities of Kate Middleton hounded like mom Princess Diana: expert



The situation surrounding Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has drawn concerning parallels to the experiences of her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. According to Roya Nikkhah, the royal editor of The Sunday Times, Prince William is witnessing disturbing similarities in the intense media scrutiny and invasion of privacy that his wife is facing, reminiscent of the relentless hounding his mother endured.

In an appearance on “Good Morning Britain,” Nikkhah shed light on the mounting speculation about the Princess of Wales’ health, stating that Prince William is deeply affected by the demands and intrusive behavior directed at his wife regarding her medical privacy. Having witnessed firsthand the immense pressure and harassment his mother faced, the Prince is understandably troubled by the echoes of the past.

This revelation from a respected royal expert highlights the ongoing challenges faced by public figures in maintaining their privacy and dignity, particularly in the face of intense media attention and public curiosity.

The royal expert provided insights into Prince William’s sensitivity regarding comparisons to his late mother, Princess Diana. She noted that William has always been sensitive about such parallels, even since his childhood and university days with Catherine.

Tragically, Diana passed away in a car accident in Paris in 1997 while fleeing paparazzi, at the age of 36. This traumatic event likely contributes to William’s heightened awareness of such comparisons.

In other news, the expert speculated that the future Queen, Kate Middleton, will likely address her recent abdominal surgery recovery during upcoming public engagements after March 31st. She predicted that Kate would approach the topic in a natural and organic manner, responding to inquiries from well-wishers during her appearances.

The expert cited recent instances where Prince William was asked about Kate’s condition during engagements, with people offering flowers and expressing concern for her recovery. This public interest suggests that Kate will likely address the matter openly when she resumes her royal duties.

The late Princess Diana, mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, tragically died in a car crash in Paris in August 1997 at the age of 36 while being pursued by paparazzi photographers. Royal experts speculate that Kate Middleton may address her recent health journey and recovery process, touching on the mental and physical aspects, as mental health advocacy is important to the royal family.

Middleton is not anticipated to resume her public royal duties until after Easter 2024 on March 31st. Over this past weekend, Middleton was reportedly seen looking healthy and relaxed during a family outing to a farm shop in Windsor, England.

The information provides context around Middleton’s recent absence from the public eye and expert insights into how she may approach discussing her experience, while respecting her privacy on specific medical details.

The late Princess Diana faced an overwhelming amount of media scrutiny prior to her tragic death. According to royal correspondent Omid Scobie, Diana was frequently spotted in public places like her children’s school and local shops in the weeks leading up to the fateful event. This highlights the intense media attention she endured.

Meanwhile, royal expert and author Christopher Andersen has weighed in on how Diana might have handled a similar photo controversy to the one involving Kate Middleton. Andersen, author of “The King: The Life of Charles III,” stated that Diana would have taken a different approach, as she was acutely aware of the potential backlash from altering photographs. He asserted, “Altering a photo is not something that Diana would ever have considered doing because she knew full well that she would be crucified if she did.”

These insights shed light on the immense pressure Diana faced from the media spotlight and her principled stance on maintaining authenticity in her public image.

The passage highlights the contrasting personalities and approaches of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, as observed by royal biographer Christopher Andersen. He portrays Diana as an independent and defiant figure who would not yield to the palace’s demands, while Kate is depicted as more compliant and eager to conform to expectations. Andersen suggests that Kate’s accommodating nature may be exploited, especially given concerns about her health that have not been fully disclosed. The comparison underscores the different dynamics between the two royal figures and their relationships with the palace establishment.

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