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Princess Kate’s four-word warning to Prince William, says lipreader



The Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla was a highly anticipated event that took place on May 6, 2023, at Westminster Abbey in central London. Months of meticulous planning went into organizing this significant occasion, ensuring it was a perfect celebration befitting the monarchy.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, along with their children Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, arrived at Westminster Abbey ahead of the coronation ceremony. As senior members of the Royal Family, the Prince and Princess of Wales played crucial roles during the grand event, underscoring their importance within the monarchy.

The Coronation marked a historic moment for the United Kingdom, as King Charles III officially ascended to the throne following the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in September 2022. The occasion was a grand spectacle, steeped in tradition and symbolism, witnessed by millions around the world.

According to a lip reader’s interpretation, Kate Middleton issued a concerned four-word warning to Prince William ahead of the coronation ceremony. This caution was intended to prevent any potential missteps as they prepared to join the procession at Westminster Abbey, accompanied by their children Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The couple arrived donning formal robes, with Kate wearing her striking Royal Victorian Order mantle and William sporting his Order of the Garter mantle. Cameras captured the moment when the couple lined up, waiting for the procession to commence, during which they were seen exchanging words with each other, as reported by the Mirror.

The Coronation of King Charles III was a grand and historic event, with every detail meticulously planned. However, it appears that even amidst the pomp and circumstance, there were moments of lighthearted exchange between the royal couple. According to professional lip reader Jeremy Freeman, Princess Kate shared a word of caution with Prince William before their procession into Westminster Abbey.

Freeman claims Kate turned to William and said, “Just mind the gown,” likely referring to her intricate coronation attire. In response, the heir to the throne reportedly offered reassurance, saying, “Don’t worry, I got [or caught] it.”

Despite the potential wardrobe concern, the royal couple navigated the ceremonial proceedings without any visible hiccups. However, one particular aspect of Kate’s outfit sparked curiosity and speculation among royal enthusiasts when the official Coronation photographs were released, though the details remain undisclosed. Nonetheless, these glimpses into the human side of such grand occasions remind us that even the most meticulously planned events can have moments of spontaneity and levity.

The appearance of Kate Middleton’s dress at the Coronation ceremony has sparked curiosity among royal enthusiasts. While her robe initially concealed the stunning Alexander McQueen gown, the removal of the mantle for official photographs revealed a potential discrepancy.

Keen observers noticed that the V-shaped neckline in the official photos seemed different from the round neckline observed at the Abbey ceremony. This led to speculation that the Princess may have had two dresses made, despite the consistent embroidery on the skirt. However, the mystery surrounding the neckline appears to have been resolved, and the explanation could lie in the presence of a separate garment worn underneath.

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