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Secret codes Kate Middleton & William use to communicate in public – from cheeky bum taps to hidden handbag meaning



The Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate, have captured the hearts of royal fans worldwide. Their joint engagements not only showcase their dedication to charitable causes but also reveal their unique ways of communicating in public. Body language expert Judi James has observed that the couple has a natural tendency to mirror each other, reflecting their like-minded approach to their roles.

However, what sets them apart is their clever use of subtle gestures and signals to convey unspoken messages. From playful bum taps to thigh clasps and even a hidden handbag signal, the royal couple has developed a repertoire of nonverbal cues to stay in sync during public appearances.

According to James, Kate, in particular, excels at maintaining silent communication with William through a series of signature touches and signals, each carrying its own distinct meaning. These nonverbal cues allow the couple to seamlessly convey their thoughts and intentions without uttering a word, showcasing their deep understanding and connection.

On occasion, we observe Kate gently touching William’s leg, or vice versa, and there is a subtle meaning behind this gesture. According to body language expert Judi James, “This is quite a dominant gesture of ownership as well as being quite flirty. It can imply ‘I’ve got this’ as in ‘Don’t worry, I can take over the conversation here.'” While public displays of affection among royals are typically more reserved, we have witnessed Kate playfully patting William’s backside in the past, which is considered a cheeky gesture.

The article discusses body language and nonverbal cues used by members of the royal family, particularly Kate Middleton and the late Queen Elizabeth II. It highlights two specific behaviors:

Kate’s flirtatious public displays of affection (PDA) with Prince William at formal events like the 2023 BAFTA Awards. According to body language expert Judi James, Kate’s playful gestures serve as a confidence boost for William and a way to encourage him to enjoy himself.

The use of handbags as a subtle signal. The Queen was known to shift her iconic Launer handbag from her left to right side to discreetly indicate to her staff that she wanted to end a conversation. Similarly, Kate employs a “clutch bag trick” by carrying a small handbag, likely serving a comparable purpose.

These insights provide an informative look into the nonverbal communication strategies employed by prominent members of the British royal family, revealing how seemingly innocuous actions can convey specific messages or intentions in public settings.

This text provides informative insights into the etiquette practices and body language of Kate Middleton and Prince William during public events. It highlights how Kate strategically holds her clutch bag to avoid the need for excessive handshaking, as explained by etiquette experts Myka Meier and William Hanson. Additionally, it discusses the couple’s tendency to mirror each other’s body language, which Judi suggests is a way to combat shyness and present a united front, signaling their like-minded thinking and seamless teamwork in public settings.

The article highlights an interesting observation about Kate Middleton’s body language with Prince William. It suggests that Kate employs mirroring techniques, where she subtly mimics William’s poses and gestures. This is particularly noticeable when William displays his “fig-leaf barrier” pose, which is a classic sign of shyness or discomfort. By mirroring this pose, Kate seems to be conveying a sense of solidarity and reassurance to her husband, letting him know that he is not alone in those moments of shyness. This nonverbal communication strategy is often used to establish rapport and create a sense of connection between individuals.

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