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Kate Middleton could give sister Pippa major royal job as her role evolves, claim experts



The Princess of Wales, currently, does not have ladies-in-waiting or companions assisting her, unlike Queen Camilla. However, according to royal experts, this situation may change when she eventually becomes Queen.

Traditionally, the monarch has had ladies-in-waiting or companions who provide support and assistance with various duties. While the Princess of Wales has been carrying out her royal engagements without such help, experts suggest that she may choose to appoint individuals to these roles as her responsibilities evolve.

Interestingly, there is speculation that the Princess might consider appointing her sister, Pippa Middleton, to a prominent royal position when the time comes. This speculation arises from the close relationship between the sisters.

It is worth noting that the Princess of Wales recently underwent abdominal surgery and is currently undergoing preventative chemotherapy treatment, which has temporarily halted her royal duties. However, as she assumes greater responsibilities in the future, the need for additional support staff, including ladies-in-waiting or companions, may become more apparent companions to assist her.

The discussion on True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat: Back in Time shed light on the potential need for Kate, the Princess of Wales, to appoint ladies-in-waiting, especially when she becomes Queen. Royal historian Kate Williams suggested that Kate might consider appointing her sister Pippa as a lady-in-waiting, given their close familial bond. However, Williams acknowledged that Pippa has her own life and responsibilities, making it a fascinating question.

Williams highlighted that the role of a monarch and consort is not getting any smaller, with increasing levels of tours, correspondence, and receptions. As such, when Kate becomes Queen, she may need to rethink her approach and appoint ladies-in-waiting to assist her with the growing demands of the role.

Ailsa Anderson, the former communications secretary to Queen Elizabeth, provided further insight. She explained that Kate currently does not have any ladies-in-waiting or companions. Anderson suggested that when Kate becomes Queen, she might reconsider this decision, as it can be beneficial to have trusted individuals by her side during significant events, where she must always be on display.

The discussion shed light on the evolving nature of the role of ladies-in-waiting and the potential need for Kate to adapt her approach as she transitions into her future role as Queen.

The statement made by Kate provides an insightful perspective on the challenges faced by public figures like Catherine, who is undoubtedly one of the most globally recognized women. Every aspect of her life, from her actions to her attire and words, is subject to intense scrutiny. In such circumstances, it becomes crucial to have moments of respite where one can confide in trusted individuals, express genuine thoughts and emotions, and simply be oneself without the constant need to maintain a public persona.

Kate’s emotional televised statement revealed Catherine’s diagnosis in March and shed light on the family’s difficult journey over the past couple of months. However, her message also conveyed incredible bravery and hope, as she urged those battling the same disease to not lose faith or hope, emphasizing that they are not alone in their struggle.

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