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Princess Anne ‘loathing’ attention which takes eyes away from King Charles, experts say



Princess Anne, often praised for her strong work ethic and dedication to her royal duties, finds herself reluctantly in the spotlight following a horse-riding accident. The Princess Royal, who recently sustained minor head injuries and a concussion after being thrown off her horse at Gatcombe Park, has been recovering at Southmead Hospital in Bristol. This incident has forced her to miss significant royal engagements, including a state banquet hosted by King Charles for the Emperor and Empress of Japan.

Royal experts suggest that Anne likely loathes the attention brought on by her injury, particularly because it diverts focus from her brother, King Charles, during a high-profile state visit. Known for her preference to stay out of the limelight, Anne’s discomfort with the current media attention is understandable. She has always been more comfortable with her behind-the-scenes contributions to the royal family and public service rather than being the center of attention.

Speaking on “The Royals with Roya and Kate,” Roya Nikkah, the Royal Editor for The Sunday Times, mentioned, “You can just imagine Anne absolutely loathing being the centre of attention. She’ll have really disliked the fact that while her brother was hosting a state visit, Anne was the main news of the day, because she loathes being centre of attention.”

Despite her current setback, Anne’s passion for horses and her involvement in equestrian activities remain unshaken. This is not the first time she has experienced such incidents. Her equestrian career is marked by significant achievements and notable falls, including a major accident in 1976 during the Montreal Olympics, where she represented Team GB. During this event, Anne took a severe fall but showed remarkable resilience by continuing the competition despite having no memory of the latter part due to a concussion.

Anne’s husband, Sir Timothy Laurence, provided updates on her condition, noting that she is “recovering slowly” and expressing gratitude for the medical care she has received. He emphasized that Anne will be discharged from the hospital when she is fully ready. Both Sir Timothy and Anne’s daughter, Zara Tindall, have visited her in the hospital, alongside numerous well-wishers who have shown their support for the Princess.

In a statement outside the hospital, Sir Timothy expressed deep gratitude: “She is recovering well, thank you. We are both profoundly grateful to the medical team and hospital support staff for their expert care – and to the emergency services who were all so wonderful at the scene.” He added, “We are both deeply touched by all the kind messages we have received from so many people near and far. It means a great deal.”

This incident has not only brought media attention to Anne but also highlighted her steadfast commitment to her duties and passions. Despite her injury, it is expected that Anne will return to her equestrian activities soon. Her dedication to her royal responsibilities is well-documented, and she is often cited as one of the hardest-working members of the royal family.

Anne’s aversion to being the focus of public attention contrasts with her undeniable public service record. She has always prioritized her duties and maintained a rigorous schedule of engagements. This work ethic, inherited from her parents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, underscores her commitment to the monarchy and public service.

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