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Kate Middleton’s dad Michael Middleton: links to Prince Philip, British Airways, net worth, and mum’s war code-breaking



The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has an intriguing family history that connects her to royalty and significant historical events. Born in Reading, Berkshire, to Carole and Michael Middleton, Kate’s paternal ancestry reveals a rich tapestry of notable lineages.

Michael Middleton, Kate’s father, was born in Leeds in 1949 into a family with aristocratic roots. His ancestry can be traced back to William Petty-Fitz Maurice, who served as the Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1782 to 1783. This connection is established through Michael’s cousin, Lady Bullock.

Furthermore, Michael Middleton’s family tree also includes individuals who played crucial roles in code-breaking efforts during World War II, highlighting their involvement in a pivotal historical event.

These genealogical links suggest that the Duchess of Cambridge has always had a connection to royalty, even before her marriage to Prince William. Her family’s background underscores the intricate web of relationships that intertwine with the British monarchy and significant historical figures.

Michael Middleton, Kate Middleton’s father, has an intriguing family history with royal connections. Through his direct ancestor, Dame Anne Fairfax, he has several descents from King Edward III, establishing links between his daughter Kate and the royal lineage.

Interestingly, Michael’s parents lived through the tumultuous times of World War Two. His mother, Valerie Middleton, served as a code breaker and VAD nurse, while his father, Captain Peter Middleton, was an RAF pilot. Remarkably, in 1962, Peter had the opportunity to fly alongside Prince Philip as a co-pilot during a flying tour of South America, a pure coincidence that further solidified their family’s connection to the royals. Archival footage captures this historic moment, with Peter and Prince Philip flying side by side.

Michael Middleton’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Here are some key details about his background and career:

Michael Middleton attended the University of Surrey and later became a pilot. He started working for British Airways as a flight dispatcher, where he met his future wife, Carole. The couple married in 1980 in Buckinghamshire and had three children: Kate, Pippa, and James.

In 1987, Carole Middleton set up a business called Party Pieces, and in the 1990s, she and Michael started selling party supplies and decorations through mail order. The Party Pieces business grew significantly over the years, contributing to the Middleton family’s wealth.

While the exact figure is not publicly disclosed, Michael Middleton’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, primarily derived from his involvement in the successful Party Pieces business venture with his wife, Carole.

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During this time, the family’s business was thriving, and they relocated to a Tudor-style manor in Bucklebury, Berkshire, where Kate Middleton and her siblings grew up. Michael Middleton also inherited intergenerational wealth from the Lupton brothers, Kate’s great-great uncles. The family received an inheritance of approximately £3 million, which helped cover the school fees for Kate and her siblings.

In 2002, the family then moved into a flat in Chelsea.

In 2012, Carole and Michael Middleton acquired Bucklebury Manor, a substantial property located in Berkshire. This Grade II-listed Georgian residence boasts seven bedrooms, a library, and an impressive 18-acre land parcel. The couple’s decision to relocate from Oak Acre in 2011 was driven by a desire for increased privacy following their daughter’s high-profile marriage to Prince William. According to Town and Country’s estimation in 2018, the Middleton family’s net worth was approximately $67 million.

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