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Kate Middleton’s parents ‘keeping low profile’ after business collapse ‘to protect daughter’s reputation’



Princess Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, are taking a cautious approach after the collapse of their business venture. According to reports, they aim to “keep a low profile” to “protect their daughter’s reputation.”

The couple had previously registered a company called First Birthdays with Companies House in 2006, intending to launch it once their former business, Party Pieces, was sold. However, First Birthdays has remained dormant since its inception.

In May of this year, Carole and Michael renewed the company’s dormant status, indicating their intention to keep it inactive for the time being. This decision appears to be a strategic move to avoid any potential negative impact on Princess Kate’s public image.

The Middleton family, parents of Princess Kate, made some notable changes to their business operations. On August 31, they changed the registered address of their company, Party Pieces, from Childs Court Farm to their current residence, The Manor Bucklebury in Reading. According to a source close to the family, this move was prompted by concerns over the potential impact on the Windsor name after Party Pieces faced financial difficulties and owed money to various parties.

The source stated, “The Windsor name took a minor dent when Party Pieces collapsed because of all the money it owed to hard-working people.” The source further explained, “There’s no way that the Palace will want that kind of thing to happen again. The royals are meant to be inspirational for hard-working people, not those that are seen to profit from the loss of others.” Consequently, the Middletons have reportedly abandoned their plans to continue running a business, as claimed by the source.

The report suggests that the couple, presumably referring to Kate Middleton’s parents, had been actively engaged in planning their next business venture. However, they have now abandoned any such plans to safeguard their daughter’s reputation.

According to the source quoted by The Express, any commercial endeavors undertaken by the Middletons would inevitably reflect on Kate, who is a prominent public figure. Consequently, the decision was made for her parents to maintain a low profile moving forward to avoid potential repercussions on their daughter’s standing.

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