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Prince William feels he is ‘seeing elements’ of the ‘hounding’ Princess Diana experienced with Kate Middleton and ‘that’s hurting him’, royal expert claims



The royal expert, Roya Nikkhah, provided an informative perspective on Prince William’s concerns regarding the media scrutiny faced by his wife, Kate Middleton. According to Nikkhah, the Prince is witnessing elements of the intense public attention and speculation that his late mother, Princess Diana, endured.

Nikkhah explained that the frenzy surrounding the Princess of Wales on social media is seeping through to the royal couple. While they understand the nature of social media, Prince William is particularly sensitive to the demands and scrutiny directed at his wife, as it reminds him of the hounding his mother experienced.

The royal editor highlighted that Prince William directly compares the situation to what his mother went through, particularly regarding the invasion of her medical privacy. This comparison is evidently causing him distress, as he feels history is repeating itself with the intense public scrutiny on his wife.

Nikkhah’s insights shed light on the Prince’s perspective and his desire to protect his family from the same level of intrusion and media frenzy that his mother faced during her life.

The discussion revolved around Prince William’s sensitivity, with royal experts Susanna and Roya suggesting that he has been sensitive since childhood and throughout his relationship with Catherine, dating back to their university days. This observation came as the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, was spotted out in Windsor visiting a local farm shop.

The sighting marked Kate’s first public appearance since the recent scandal and her return to regular activities after recovering from abdominal surgery in January. Eyewitnesses reported seeing Kate shopping with William on Saturday, March 16th, near their Adelaide Cottage home.

Embodying her role as a devoted mother, Kate spent the morning watching her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, participate in sports activities alongside Prince William. This outing showcased Kate’s commitment to family life while gradually resuming her public duties.

The release of the now-infamous Mother’s Day image marked the first official appearance of the Princess since her surgery. However, it sparked a frenzy of social media rumors and scrutiny from eagle-eyed members of the public who pointed out apparent digital manipulations in the image. This led to immense pressure on the Palace, prompting major news agencies like Reuters, AP, Getty, and AFP to withdraw the picture.

In response, Kate Middleton released a statement acknowledging that she had edited the image herself. Subsequently, she was seen joining Prince William for the drive to the Commonwealth Day Service, although she did not attend the event itself, opting for a “private appointment” instead.

Reports suggest that the Princess has been deeply affected by this scandal. A palace insider revealed to The Telegraph that Kate had merely tried to make the picture “the best it could be.” Meanwhile, a friend of the Princess told the Mirror that she was “deeply upset” over the storm caused by what was intended as an “innocent family photograph.”

The incident highlights the intense public scrutiny faced by the royal family and the potential consequences of even seemingly innocuous actions in the digital age.

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